Bethesda Mall Shootings Have Injured Three, Killed One [Breaking]

Reports from WBAL TV have confirmed that one-woman was killed and three other people were injured in two shootings that took place in Montgomery County in Bethesda, Maryland, this morning. Reportedly, the first shooting took place at the Westfield Montgomery Mall at approximately 11 a.m. Police have confirmed that a confrontation took place in the mall parking lot, involving one female and the gunman. Purportedly, the female was shot during the course of the altercation and two gentlemen who approached to provide aid were also shot at the scene. All three of the victims were transported to local hospitals and each are currently listed in critical condition.

Witnesses have stated that the gunman fled the scene after the mall shooting. According to Darryl McSwain, the Assistant Police Chief in Montgomery County, authorities currently have no reason to believe that any of the victims of the shooting knew the gunman. However, investigators are now exploring the possibility that the mall shooting is connected to a second shooting that took place at a separate shopping center around 11:50 a.m.

The second mall shooting took place at an Aspen Hill shopping center in Silver Springs. Police have reported that the victim of that shooting was female and was killed a result of the injuries she sustained in the incident. Currently, the identity of the deceased victim is being withheld.

Police have not ruled out the possibility the mall shootings that took place earlier today are somehow connected to a separate shooting that took place at High Point High School yesterday. In Thursday’s shooting, a 44-year-old mother was murdered by her estranged husband while she was in the process of picking up her children from school.

At this point, the gunman remains at large and police have begun searching for a specific person of interest. According to McSwain, authorities “don’t have any reason to believe that anyone else in the mall or outside the mall is in danger at this particular point.” However, as a precaution, students and staff at a number of schools and places of business in the area are sheltered in place. According to spokespeople for Montgomery County Recreation, all of their recreational facilities will remain on lockdown until further notice.

At this time, no additional details are available. Stay tuned to Inquisitr, as we report on this unfolding story.

Eulalio Tordil Eulalio Tordil, suspect in multiple shootings in Bethesda, MD. [Photo obtained from Prince George’s County Police Department][UPDATE]

Police now have a suspect in custody in the mall shooting case. Police arrested Eulalio Tordil, age 62, earlier this afternoon. Tordil, a federal law enforcement officer, allegedly shot his estranged wife yesterday in the parking lot of a high school where she was picking up her children from school.

Earlier today police were exploring a possible link between today’s shootings and yesterday’s attack, and it appears that link has become more solid as the day has passed.

Tordil had been on the run since yesterday’s shooting. Shockingly, his place of work is the Federal Protective Service, which is a Homeland Security agency. He was responsible for supervising contract employees who perform security at the entrances of federal buildings.

In March, Tordil was placed on administration duty because he was the subject of a protective order. As a result, he was later put on administrative leave. One of the requirements of administrative leave is the surrender of government-issued weapons, as well as his credentials and badge. Tordil complied with this order, so the weapons he allegedly used in the attacks in question were likely obtained by Tordil himself.

We will continue to monitor this story and bring you updates as more information unfolds.