‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason’s Memories Return As Lives Hang In The Balance After A Shocking Car Accident

Viewers are going to be buzzing after Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that Monday’s episode will be a big one that fans will not want to miss. The show is teasing that things will change forever for one core character, and this has people talking. What is known so far about what’s coming up during the week of May 9?

ABC executive Nathan Varni shared the General Hospital spoiler preview that has everybody talking. Carlos Rivera is causing plenty of chaos in Port Charles with his upcoming trial, and that chaos seems to set the stage for this impending game changer. It looks like Dante and Nathan will be transporting Carlos to a new location when a car accident happens, sparking potential tragedy.

Will Carlos escape in the car accident as many believe? Will Dante or Nathan be critically injured? Who is in the other car seen in the General Hospital spoiler preview? There have been some rumors floating around that Jason, Sam, and Danny may be in the other car and that Danny may get seriously injured. However, that is not known for certain at this point. Both Nathan and Dante have been looking toward futures with their loves Maxie and Lulu, so seeing one of them in danger is certainly possible.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry notes, there is also a lot of buzz floating around detailing that Jason regains all of his memories during Monday’s episode. While it is not known for certain that the car accident involves Jason, it is certainly sounding that way. General Hospital spoilers tease that Jason will regain his memories in the midst of a life-and-death situation that comes during the May 9 show. Teasers indicate that Kimberly McCullough’s character of Robin will pop up in this episode in some way, and this shift for Jason will set the stage for intense reconnections with others in Port Charles in ways that had not happened previously.


What comes next for Jason after he regains his memories? Jason and Sam have finally gotten to a pretty good place again as a couple, but there has been plenty of foreshadowing that trouble was on the horizon. Regardless of Jason’s memories returning, General Hospital spoilers hint that danger lurking for this couple and fans will be anxious to see where things head from here. Will Jason head back to the life with the mob and being Sonny’s right-hand man? He’s certainly a different man now who has been resistant to that lifestyle, but he hasn’t been able to stay entirely away either.

Soap Central teases that several lives will hang in the balance during the week of May 9. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps seem to confirm that Carlos will escape during this accident as during May sweeps Paul will manage to recapture Carlos, and this sparks intense feelings for Anna. There is also talk of Nathan and Maxie planning their wedding, so it would seem that he likely survives the accident without severe issues.


The week ahead also brings Duke back into the picture in some way, as General Hospital spoilers have detailed that Ian Buchanan reprises his role as Duke for a few episodes. Fans are speculating that he likely returns as a vision or ghost in some way, or in some flashbacks of some nature. There are plenty of shockers on the way yet this month, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next as the chaos continues on General Hospital.

[Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images]