‘Mommy Tried To Kill Me,’ Adrianna Harmon Told Police Officers Who Responded To Knife Attack Call

Fitchburg, WI – “Mommy tried to kill me,” was the phrase police officers heard when attempting to help Adrianna Harmon, a six-year-old girl who was covered in blood after a knife attack. The “mommy,” Tosha D. Harmon, allegedly ran to a neighbor’s apartment and announced she had stabbed both her daughter and herself with a 7-inch steak knife, the Daily Mail reports. Fitchburg law enforcement officers said Harmon, 30, went into her sleeping daughter’s bedroom and stabbed the girl multiple times in the back and chest.

Tosha Harmon allegedly stabbed her daughter Adrianna so severely she was listed in critical condition at a local Fitchburg area hospital after the knife attack. The six-year-old stabbing victim is expected to recover from her injuries. Adrianna’s critical injuries included a punctured lung. Tosha Harmon reportedly stabbed herself in the throat and chest after attacking her sleeping daughter.

The knife attack occurred around 2:30 am, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. Fitchburg police reports state Tosha D. Harmon ran to a neighbor’s home while covered in the blood of both herself and her daughter and told the residents she had stabbed her little girl. A panicked and shocked Harmon neighbor ran to check on Adrianna, who lay in her bed bleeding with the 7-inch steak knife still at her feet.

Tosha Harmon was released from the hospital late last week and immediately transported to the Dane County Jail. Harmon is expected to be charged with first-degree intentional homicide for attacking her daughter, Adrianna, with a knife. No known motive for the mother stabbing her daughter with a knife has yet been revealed. Tosha Harmon told Fitchburg police officers that she “went crazy” according to court filing excerpts. Harmon has a prior felony conviction for second-degree reckless endangerment and misdemeanor convictions for passing bad checks.