Calvin Harris Climbs Britain’s Richest List

Calvin Harris has been named one of Britain’s richest musicians, according to Your EDM. The 32-year-old DJ/producer topped the list of the Sunday Times’ Young Music Rich List for 2016, which is part of the newspaper’s Music Billionaires Top 50 List.

According to the newspaper’s report, Calvin Harris has tripled his wealth since making his first appearance on the list back in 2014 after successfully selling his album Motion all over the world. On the overall list, Harris hit 27th spot with a fortune of over $136 million. And that’s almost three times greater than Deadmau5’s estimated fortune of $53 million.

Ian Coxon, the editor of the newspaper’s Rich Lists for over 20 years, said Calvin Harris is “a surprise.” He said the DJ/producer is very successful nowadays and he gets paid very well.

“People get in fashion and have a great success. I don’t know whether his success will continue at quite the same rate.”

And it looks like Calvin Harris beat Adele on the overall list, as the “Hello” singer is in 30th position. Nonetheless, Adele has been named U.K.’s richest ever female musician. But with the ever-growing success of her recent album, 25, the 27-year-old singer could one day make it to the Top 10.

But even Calvin Harris is a long way away from the Top 10, as the Rich List is topped by such legendary musicians as Paul McCartney, U2, Mick Jagger, and Sting.

A recent photo posted on Taylor Swift’s Instagram account taken at the Coachella festival last month could carry a secret message, according to Teen Vogue. The “Blank Space” singer and girlfriend of Calvin Harris has recently dyed her hair platinum and could be hinting at her boyfriend’s new album in her outfit.

Calvin Harris’ fans’ attention was glued to the print featured on the back of Swift’s jacket shown in the Instagram photo. The print features a mysterious mountain and lightning. And while some interpreted it as a random symbol inspired by the mountain emoji, others believe it has something to do with the DJ/producer’s upcoming album.

And it could indeed be a hint to Calvin Harris’ upcoming album, as the 32-year-old “How Deep Is Your Love” producer has recently posted the exact same image on his Twitter account. Moreover, he even changed his profile picture and header to this image.

Indeed, Calvin Harris’ fans were correct, as the symbol represents the producer’s latest collaboration with Rihanna, “This Is What You Came For,” which just spent a second day in the No. 1 position on iTunes Worldwide.

In other news, Swift recently gave her fans a tour around her house as part of Vogue’s 73 Questions interview, according to Hollywood Life. And the home is full of Calvin Harris references, which once again suggests that the two are madly in love.

Calvin Harris and Swift started dating on February 26, 2015, and the cuteness of their relationship goes through the roof. The “Bad Blood” singer gave a tour of her home, and like any good host, she offered the videographer a glass of water.

And as Swift was pouring the glass of water, a photo featuring Calvin Harris and the 1989 hitmaker could be seen hanging on the tap. The photo was taken at the Billboard Music Awards after-party when the two allegedly started their romantic relationship.

The house also features an olive tree oil planted in Swift’s back garden, and the singer revealed it was Calvin Harris’ Christmas present. There is also a small framed sign next to her room that says, “You have successfully buried yourself inside my head 2/26/15.” The date is the day the two first met at the Brit Awards in 2015.

The couple celebrated their one-year anniversary with a beach getaway in February.

[Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]