Birth Control For Men In The Works But Will Take A While

Last week, we learned a birth control pill for men is a far more viable option than it had been in the past, with a prototype men’s birth control pill so close to market it even has a working name — JQ1.

At the time the story broke, we reported on the new male birth control pill advance, and the news is pretty promising. In a world where birth control exists largely comprised of condoms, a few messy barrier methods for women and hormonal varieties, also for women, the idea of a men’s birth control pill is a long time coming as well as something that would be a welcome reprieve for women who have shouldered the burden of contraception since the first cave-couple realized they didn’t want to have any more cave-babies.

The men’s birth control pill JQ1, currently undergoing trials and studies, appears to be the first real contender in the field of male birth control methods aside from condoms. And so far, scientists believe it is going to be a game changer in two significant ways.

One is that unlike many of the female birth control pills, rings, and patches currently available, the male birth control pill won’t reduce testosterone levels, so it won’t affect sex drive — one of the most common complaints associated with female birth control pills.

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The other is fertility and the fact that, as of now, scientists believe that the male birth control pill won’t affect future fertility. But the downside is waiting: While a male birth control pill has been anticipated for decades, doctors say it may not even hit market in two to five years as testing must be carried out to ensure no long-term side effects result.

Would you trust your partner to be responsible for taking a male birth control pill, or just use it as a back up method?