Donald Trump Gets Cocky, Tells West Virginia Crowd Not To Bother Voting In Upcoming Primary

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump showed up in West Virginia on Thursday wearing a coal miner’s hat. At the same event, he told the crowd not to bother voting in next week’s primary.

With 13,000 in attendance and with hundreds of miners seated right behind him at the Charleston Civic Center, Donald Trump donned a miner’s hard hat. With that was the undeniable Trump bravado as he went on to say that he wished the primaries were not over, adding it’s no fun that way.

Addressing the crowd, the business mogul also confidently exclaimed, “You don’t have to vote anymore, save your vote for the general election. Forget this one, the primary’s done.”

Donald Trump also played on the cheering crowd saying, “[T]he courage of the miners and the way the miners love what they do, they love what they do.”

The rally, held at the Charleston Civic Center, started to fill up hours before the businessman turned politician arrived. Things started with an orderly line of people waiting to be let in the brutalist hunk of concrete. Later, it turned into an unruly horde wanting desperately to get inside the venue and be part of the event.

One of them is former disability nurse Greg Bonecutter Jr. from Letart, West Virginia. He vows to be a strong Donald Trump supporter; he showed up to the rally wearing a Make America Great Again hat and a shirt that says “Hillary sucks but not like Monica.”

Another solid Donald Trump supporter, Sandra Riddle from North Charleston, voiced out her worries about Hillary Clinton being elected. She is worried of the Supreme Court, saying that with Clinton in the White House, “we might lose freedom of speech and assembly” and even the second amendment.

She admitted that she is not being a gun owner but reiterated that “we have to protect guns… because of people coming from ISIS.”

On the other hand, many Donald Trump supporters admit to liking the outspoken politician from the Big Apple simply for his populist appeal. An example of such supporter is John Spence from Wayne County.

A former Democrat, he now complains that the Democrat Party was becoming the “political machine and the more powerful” and “less for the common man.”

These avid Donald Trump supporters, along with the hundreds of miners invited by Trump’s campaign team, cheered in standing ovation as the politician with an energetic and free-flowing style in addressing voters, went on to talk about “crooked Hillary.”

In his speech, he repeatedly referenced Hillary Clinton’s comments on wanting to put an end to the coal industry. Such remark from the former First Lady was later defended by her campaign as a simple misunderstanding, claiming that her words were simply taken out of context.

Donald Trump also made a jab on the Clinton Foundation, calling it “disgusting.” This is in reference to the investigation on her private email server when she was Secretary of State.

He also raised Bill Clinton’s role when the North American Free Trade Agreement was created. Even the former president’s past infidelities were mentioned through a thinly veiled joking manner.

Donald Trump’s whole appearance at the Mountain State lacked the usual complaining. He even went on to say that he now believes that the system is no longer being rigged to fight off his candidacy as he’s already won, and that he doesn’t care anymore.

No reference was made on the remarks from Speaker of the House, Paul D. Ryan, who, just hours prior to the start of the event, said that he is not yet ready to endorse the business tycoon.

[Photo by Mark Lyons/Getty Images]