Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Ready For Marriage & Children: Singer Already Pregnant?

Is Katy Perry ready to settle down and start a family with Orlando Bloom? According to reports, that seems to be the case.

Following endless heartbreaks with ex-boyfriend John Mayer, Katy seems to have found the one in Orlando, whom she has been dating for the past couple of months.

While their romance is still very fresh, Katy has already been introduced to the actor’s son Flynn, and according to reports, the 5-year-old adores Perry, who seems to have made a perfect fit in their family.

With that in mind, the fact that Katy is getting along great with Orlando’s son has allegedly led the couple to discuss their future plans — whether they could see one another having children and getting married.

Since those are known to be the dealbreaker questions in a relationship, it was important for Katy Perry to know where she stands with Bloom, whom sources say is very open to the idea of starting a family with the “Roar” singer.

“When it comes to Katy, Orlando is loving every minute of their relationship,” a source admits. “They have said that they love each other and he has mentioned to her that he would love to be married to her and have children with her someday as well. His someday is sooner than hers but they are having those discussions and are happy with each other. What they have is pretty solid.”

Baby plans and marriage talks have been on Katy’s mind for years, especially when she was still in a committed relationship with John Mayer. Of course, those plans didn’t work out since Mayer reportedly cheated on Perry on multiple occasions, causing the songstress to pack her belongings and move out of the 38-year-old’s home in California.

Now, however, things are certainly looking great for Katy Perry, who has already confirmed that she has begun working on her fifth studio album, which fans can probably expect sometime next year. With the idea that marriage and children are plans in the near future for her, could the forthcoming record possibly be addressing those topics?

One should also consider the fact that if Katy was to settle down and start a family sometime this year, the album would have to be delayed for, at least, another two years, because Perry doesn’t strike one as someone who would be touring the world whilst pregnant. That certainly wouldn’t be recommended by doctors, either.

When can fans expect the coming wedding? A source says that if Orlando had it his way, he would marry Katy in an instant, and while Perry isn’t shying away from motherhood and marriage, she wants to be sure that Bloom is the one.

Their romance is still quite fresh, so there’s no rush for anything. Besides, if Orlando is serious about Katy Perry, he would respect her decision and see what happens in the near future.

The duo tends to be so private with their relationship that they are both refusing to label themselves as a couple. Perry often opts for privacy, so if the singer was to get pregnant sometime this year, fans probably wouldn’t know considering the fact that the singer tries to stay out of the limelight as much as possible.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris and Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]