Miley Cyrus’ Friends ‘Hate Liam Hemsworth’: Control Freak Fiancé Tearing Up Their Friendship?

Miley Cyrus’ friends aren’t too happy that their pal has rekindled her romance with Liam Hemsworth over the supposed fact they no longer get to see her as much as they want to.

It was just yesterday when it was alleged that Liam didn’t want his fiancée spending too much time with her longtime friends because he believes that they are a bad influence on her life, and if they are going to move forward with their wedding plans, Cyrus would need to change the circle around her.

According to Hollywood Life, Miley’s pals have since reacted to the news, stressing that the singer has completely changed now that she is back with Liam, and they certainly don’t think that it’s for the better.

The “Wrecking Ball” hitmaker spends the majority of her time with the hunky actor in Malibu, where she recently purchased a multi-million dollar home. The twosome just returned from their trip to Australia, and by the look of things, partying and acting recklessly in public are no longer things Miley cares for these days.

A source for the outlet explains, “Certain people have complained that she’s a different person because of him but she doesn’t care.”

The insider concluded by saying, “Miley’s ready to be in a new stage in her life and anyone that cares about her supports that, her family certainly does. She’s growing up and that’s a good thing.”

When Miley Cyrus reconciled with Liam Hemsworth back in December, she allegedly promised to change her ways and drop her outrageously raunchy persona that caused their relationship to crumble in the first place.

Back in 2013, as Miley geared up for the release of her studio album Bangerz, Cyrus embarked in endless raunchy performances, evidently dropping her good girl image and shocking the world with more scandals one can handle.

Liam doesn’t want Miley to go back to being that kind of person — one of the only reasons he supposedly took her back was down to the fact that he knew Miley wasn’t that person. It was more or less an act to shock the world and sell her music, but Cyrus is over that now; she wants to focus on her happiness.

The couple is planning to tie the knot this summer, reportedly gearing up to tie the knot at a ceremony in Australia before taking the party back to California for what they are calling “their second wedding.” Reports claimed that the hassle of having both families fly back-and-forth had Miley and Liam decide to throw two weddings so that Liam and Cyrus’ family can both be part of their big day.

By the look of things, Cyrus’ friends won’t be invited to the wedding if Hemsworth gets his ways. It doesn’t seem as if he has any bad intentions for his fiancée — he just wants her to step away from the people who he feels might drag her back down and act recklessly in public.

Since the duo got back together, Miley has kept a very low profile, even ditching the famous Met Gala event in New York this week because she reportedly wanted to spend her time with Liam instead.

Do you feel like Miley Cyrus’ make a valid point?

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