‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carlos Gets Desperate, Carly Gets Closer To Answers, And Maxie Pushes Nathan For The Truth

General Hospital spoilers tease that things will be getting wild during Friday’s episode. Carly and Finn are digging into the circumstances surrounding Josslyn’s transplant while Carlos is anxious in jail. Maxie is trying to uncover more about Claudette, and viewers will see plenty of action during the May 6 show.

As viewers saw on Thursday, Carly snuck into Obrecht’s computer and found a list of the people working the day of Josslyn’s transplant. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that Carly will connect with Finn so she can share what she found with him. Will the list reveal something significant that will bring answers about this mystery?

Jordan and Andre have been dancing around one another for a bit now, slowly building a romance while running into plenty of obstacles. General Hospital spoilers indicate, however, that their relationship is about to take a giant leap forward. These two are going to hit the sheets and the sparks fly.

After a lot of heartbreak and tension, Dante and Lulu have reunited and are rebuilding their life together. General Hospital spoilers from We Love Soaps note that they will be considering their options during Friday’s episode, and previews show Dante asking Lulu if she is glad that she moved back in with him. Will these two remain strong going forward, or are they about to hit a bump in the road already?


Maxie has been doing some digging into Nathan’s past and the mysterious Claudette, and she has had Sam helping her. While Maxie has yet to piece everything together, General Hospital spoilers detail that she will be approaching Nathan and telling him that they need to talk about things. Nathan has been desperate to hide some of the details regarding his past with Claudette, but fans have yet to see why. When will the truth finally emerge?

Friday’s episode brings an intense conversation between Jason and Sonny. It seems that Jason will be warning Sonny about a potential problem. Sonny seems ready to take matters into his own hands when it comes to Carlos and Julian, but is that what Jason will be stopping by to talk to him about? Carlos thought that his case was going to turn his way thanks to the surprise witness, but now that witness is dead. General Hospital spoilers share that Carlos will be looking to Paul for help.


There is some action between Carly and Sonny in this next show as well, as General Hospital spoilers detail that she will share a heartfelt plea with him. Celeb Dirty Laundry speculates that Carly will ask Sonny not to do anything drastic as he plans his next move, but teasers have indicated that things are about to get wild.

Teasers indicate that there is about to be a lot of chaos at the police station, and previews for Monday’s episode reveal that Dante and Nathan will be transporting Carlos somewhere else when there seems to be a car accident. The previews also appear to show Jason on the road at the same time, and there are hints of someone being gravely injured as this all plays out.

The buzz is that someone’s life will be permanently changed after these next couple of episodes, and the teasers show that several key characters will be in the mix of things with this accident. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as the drama unfolds in Port Charles and cover-ups lead to chaos.

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