Mom & Dad: Transgender Man in Iceland Gives Birth After Falling Pregnant During Transition

An Icelandic man now gets to be both mother and father to a newborn baby after Henrý Steinn, a transgender man, gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Steinn, 19, found out he was pregnant during the early stages of his gender transition. He was reportedly already living as a man and was about two months away from his testosterone treatment when he found out.

Steinn told the website Gay Iceland that he was well into the consultation when he found out and that it would probably have been less likely for him to fall pregnant after that, “but not impossible.”

Once Steinn had consulted with his doctor and therapist about the situation, he decided to delay the hormone treatment and proceed with the pregnancy. The transgender man admitted it was quite a shock when he first suspected he was pregnant but soon started seeing this as an opportunity to have his own baby.

Due to the fact he had been living as a man, the obvious changes in Henrý’s body during the pregnancy made clothing a challenge. He said he tried to wear large and loose T-shirts; luckily his boyfriend is bigger than him, so he had clothing to borrow. Steinn did say he wore pregnancy pants; he found the cut a tad too feminine for his tastes, but he never wore pregnancy dresses.

As reported by the International Business Times, the birth had to be induced, and Steinn was in 26 hours of labor before giving birth to a healthy baby girl via Caesarean on April 13. While he said he was very tired by the time he gave birth, all went well, and they are both doing great. The transgender man plans to breastfeed the baby for a while before resuming the consultation for his transition.

Reportedly Steinn’s family is thrilled about the new addition to the family, and so far he has faced no major criticism, saying, “As far as I’ve noticed, people have a laissez-faire attitude. I’m pretty laid back and open about these things but to be honest, I haven’t experienced any prejudice so far.

Steinn said he comes from a large family with “lots of babies” and that his daughter is his mother’s tenth grandchild. “For as long as I remember, I’ve wanted to have children,” he said.

Reportedly Þórir Leó Pétursson who has been in a relationship with Steinn since Valentines Day in 2015 is the baby’s father.

The transgender man said that while giving birth, the healthcare staff were wonderful to him. Steinn said he explained everything in his hospital report and his mother, who was present at the birth, “did a good job reminding everybody that I am a man, so it wasn’t an issue.”

According to Steinn, his midwife was “very understanding and supportive,” and that she may have used the “wrong pronoun once” and it got a little awkward, as the “lingo is obviously aimed at women,” but that she was great.

While this is the first transgender birth in Iceland, as reported by The Inquisitr, another 29-year-old transgender man, Kayden Coleman, found out a while back that he was 21 weeks pregnant, despite the fact he had been transitioning for 10 years.

Reportedly, Coleman had been on hormone treatments for 10 years to suppress the possibility of getting pregnant, but at the time he conceived, he had been taking a break from the hormones to prepare for his upcoming mastectomy. Coleman went ahead and gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Azaelia.

[Photo via Flickr by Susan, cropped and resized/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]