Arsenio Hall Hits Sinead O’Connor With $5 Million Lawsuit Over Libel Amid Prince Drug Supplier Allegations

Comedian and former talk show host Arsenio Hall is suing singer Sinead O’Connor for libel over comments that she posted on Facebook accusing Hall of supplying Prince with drugs and spiking her with drugs. The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles on May 5, and Hall seeks $5 million in damages.

The lawsuit described Sinead as a woman who’s desperate for attention and who will do anything to get it, per CNN.

“Desperate, attention seeker Sinead O’Connor has maliciously published outlandish defamatory lies about comedian Arsenio Hall, falsely accusing him of supplying illegal ‘hard drugs’ ‘over the decades’ to the recently deceased music artist, Prince, and of spiking her with drugs once years ago.”

On May 2, Sinead posted a brief Facebook rant that refers to Arsenio Hall as Prince and Eddie Murphy’s “b***h” and claims the former talk show host supplied Prince with drugs for decades. O’Connor also states she reported Hall to the Carver Country Sheriff’s office, located in Prince’s home state of Minnesota.


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The Arsenio Hall comment is not the first time Sinead has used social media to air out grievances. In November 2015, the singer was taken to a hospital after claiming she took an overdose. Her family came to visit her, but she was unconscious, and after waking up, she was distressed that no one was there. She expressed her feelings about the situation on social media, per the Daily Mail.

To my children and family. You came to the hospital to see me on life support. You left before I woke and you haven’t been back. Please why are you doing these things to me?? I need you. I need your love.

Twitter reactions to the allegations against Arsenio vary, but most are of the opinion that the “Nothing Compares to U” singer’s accusations are unfounded.

It’s obvious that there are periodic outbursts from Sinead, and it’s not the first time that she has spoken negative words about Prince. She claimed that he asked her to come to Paisley Park after she recorded “Nothing Compared 2 U,” the biggest hit of her career.

Although “the Purple One” wrote and composed the song for a group called The Family, the Irish singer made it famous. She said Prince admonished her about cursing in interviews, and she told him to “f*** off.” Sinead claimed that he punched her and threw her out of his home, but this was never corroborated by anyone.

Now she’s stating that Arsenio is a drug dealer who supplied Prince for decades. Hall says he hasn’t had contact with Sinead for 25 years and that her accusations are “extraordinarily damaging” to his reputation, noted the Hollywood Reporter.

Arsenio has responded by filing a lawsuit, but the question is why. While it’s true that the claims are outrageous, Eddie Murphy has yet to respond, Prince can’t respond, and few, if any, are taking the allegations seriously. No one wants false words spoken about them, but when someone has demonstrated major issues in the past, it might be best to ignore them.

Do you think Arsenio Hall should have filed a lawsuit?

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