Terri ‘Missy’ Bevers: Marital Problems And Strange LinkedIn Message Uncovered

According to new search warrant documents, Texas murder victim Terri “Missy” Bevers received a strange message on LinkedIn just days before she was attacked and killed inside a church, and she may have had ongoing marital problems and financial trouble.

Bevers, 45, was murdered inside the Creekside Church of Christ in Midlothian, Texas, during the early morning hours on April 18. Surveillance footage showed a person wearing tactical gear, dressed up as police, walking through the church and breaking things just minutes before Bevers arrived to teach a fitness class. So far, the suspect is still at large, but a warrant obtained by investigators shows that a lot of strange happenings took place days before the killing.


CBS News reports that authorities gained access to Bevers’ account on LinkedIn, a business-focused social networking site for professionals. According to the warrant, Bevers received the message just three days before her death, but since the message had since been deleted, investigators could only recover a fraction of it, and they called it “intimate in nature.”

Bevers’ friend told authorities that Bevers shared the message with her, and both agreed that the content was extremely strange and creepy. The friend was unable to recall the name of the person who had sent the message.


Based upon evidence and interviews, a Dallas healthcare executive, 33, who was connected to Bevers on both Facebook and LinkedIn, is listed as “another person of interest,” although investigators don’t think he’s the one who sent the bizarre message to Bevers. A detective wrote:

“This person of interest confirmed that they had engaged in a series of communications with the decedent while on the LinkedIn social media service some time starting around [January 2016] until her death that ultimately turned flirtatious and familiar.”

Investigators also collected Bevers’ cellphone usage via cell tower data, and it’s possible she was in contact with the person responsible for her death. The warrant indicates that the suspect may have checked social media through a cellphone to check on Bevers’ schedule at the church.

Other information revealed through cellphone usage showed that Bevers and her husband were going through financial troubles, and there may have been extramarital affairs. According to one of the detectives on the case:

“A portion of these messages (as well as deleted messages) recovered indicate and confirm statements and tips provided to officers of an ongoing financial and marital struggle as well as intimate/personal relationship(s) external to the marriage with identified ‘Target Numbers.'”


A total of 11 phone numbers for nine different people were extracted from Bever’s cellphone. Known as “Target Numbers,” each of the phone numbers found belong to people involved in texts, messages, photos, and videos to and from Bevers. Midlothian Assistant Police Chief Kevin Johnson said that so far, they don’t have evidence that the suspect talked to anyone with the target numbers.

“We don’t have information that indicates the killer talked to any target numbers, nor do we have specific information to believe the killer video recorded the murder.”

Family and friends were the focus of the initial investigation, which is common procedure according to Johnson. They aren’t considered suspects at this time.


Although police still haven’t named a suspect, they’ve received numerous tips from people who viewed the surveillance video. It still hasn’t been said whether the assailant is male or female, but authorities now say that the assailant walked in a “feminine way,” with one foot pointed out, possibly from an injury. Police wrote that the suspect is considered to still be dangerous to others.

“We have reasonable grounds to believe that the killer, who is still at large and poses an immediate danger to other human beings, communicated with the Decedent in this manner in that time period.”

Anyone with information on the death of Missy Bevers is urged to call the Midlothian police at 972-775-7624. For the anonymous tip line, call the Ellis County Crime Stoppers at 972-937-7297. Oak Farm Dairies is offering a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of the assailant.

[Image by the Bevers Family/Facebook]