‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Aiden’s Return Explained

Days of Our Lives spoilers have already confirmed that Aiden Jennings is returning to Salem, but how? The last time viewers saw Aiden he was lying on Hope Brady’s floor dead, but now he’s back, and his return is finally being explained.

According to Soap Hub, Aiden will officially return on Friday’s episode of Days of Our Lives, and leave many viewers wondering how in the world he’s alive. Well, it looks like Andre DiMera is behind the entire thing.

It seems that Days of Our Lives is going the evil doppleganger route again. The night when Aiden told the DiMera family he had reservations about killing Hope on their wedding night, he claims he was kidnapped by Andre and imprisoned. Instead, an evil look a-like was sent in his place, and attempted to kill Hope, who was rescued by Bo Brady.

Days of Our Lives: Aiden Jennings returns to Salem. [Image via NBC]When Aiden returns, Hope will no doubt be stunned by his appearance, and after her initial freak out she’ll immediately take him to the Salem PD, where he’ll insist on speaking only to her. Aiden will tell his former love exactly what happened to him, but Hope won’t fully believe his story.

The most mysterious thing about the entire situation, is that Aiden’s fingerprints will have somehow disappeared from the police department files. This storyline will also likely bring back Andre DiMera, who hasn’t been seen in quite a while due to the fact that he’s in jail for the murder of his father, Stefano DiMera, who was actually killed by Hope.

Actor Daniel Cosgrove revealed that he was completely surprised when he was asked to return to Days of Our Lives just a few weeks after his character, Aiden, had seemingly died. Cosgrove admitted that he thought it was a joke at first, but upon realizing it was real, he was thrilled to go back to work on the NBC soap. Fans are now wondering what Aiden’s return will mean for Hope and her current love interest, Rafe, whom she has only just started to get serious with.

Aiden’s return to Salem is only one of many Days of Our Lives storylines for May sweeps. Another big return will also be seen during the month, as Jennifer Horton will see her long dead husband, Jack Deveraux, who will appear to her in hopes of helping her through her addiction issues.

Days of Our Lives Hope and Aiden. [Image via NBC]Meanwhile, Belle and Shawn will find their way back to each other, and make love for the first time in ages. The pair will likely call off their divorce, but hurt their current significant others, Lani and Philip, in the process.

More Days of Our Lives couples drama will occur when Theo and Ciara continue to grow closer, despite Abe’s warning to his son to back off of the romance. Steve will also get in on the drama when he sees that Kayla is getting close to Fynn. Will jealously rear its ugly head and lead Steve to do something he’ll regret?

Abigail and Chad’s relationship will also be strained, as Abby continues her downward spiral while locked away in a mental hospital. Poor Chad is left home to raise their son, Thomas, without his wife, who seems to be falling further and further into her mental illness. To make matters worse for Chad, Abigail’s mother, Jennifer, will decide that she wants custody of baby Thomas, and a brutal custody battle will ensue between the two.

However, the biggest Days of Our Lives May sweeps storyline could be the crazy epidemic that will hit Salem. The illness will start with Paul and also hit Gabi, and her daughter Ariana. The sickness will get so bad that the hospital will have to be quarantined to keep the Salem citizens safe. Will everyone make it out alive? All will be revealed this month on the soap.

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