Get Guam Democratic Caucus Results Live Stream: Bernie Sanders Favored To Top Hillary Clinton On Pacific Island

The Democratic primary race moves to the Pacific Island of Guam on Saturday, where results from the caucus will stream live from the United States territory as Bernie Sanders is favored to prevail with Guam voters over frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

Though Guam, like Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories that are not part of the 50 states, is not permitted to vote for president in the November general election, residents of the island are allowed to take part in selecting party nominees.

With a population of about 160,000, which includes an estimated 45,000 registered voters, Guam — located in the Pacific almost 6,000 miles from the west coast of the continental United States — will send 12 delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia starting July 25. Seven of those delegates will go to the winner of the Democratic caucus on Saturday.

The other five are “unpledged” delegates, better known as “superdelegates,” who are free to vote for whichever candidate they prefer at the convention. Three of those superdelegates, including the lone Guam representative in the U.S. congress, have already said they will vote for Hillary Clinton.

That representative, Madeleine Bordallo, is the first woman to represent Guam in the U.S. House of Representatives, and as the widow of two-time Guam Governor Ricardo Bordallo, the island’s former first lady.

Located across the international date line in the Pacific, Guam’s local time is 14 hours ahead of the United States East Coast. Polls close there at 8 p.m. Saturday, May 7, which would be 6 a.m. Eastern Standard Standard Time, 3 a.m. Pacific.

But night-owl political junkies and early risers in the 48 contiguous states can listen to a live stream of Guam radio news station KGUM, below.

KUAM TV, the oldest TV station in Guam, founded in 1956, offers a live stream of its daily news broadcast starting at 6 p.m. local time in Guam — 4 a.m. Eastern Time, 1 a.m. Pacific Time.

Another radio link, Isla 63, including a broadcast in the native Chamorro language of Guam, will stream live, below.

Bernie Sanders appears in good position to claim the seven pledged delegates when about 4,500 Guam voters are expected to show up at the lone polling place on the island, Agana Shopping Center in the Guam capital of Hagåtña.

The 2008 Guam caucus vote between Clinton and then-Senator Barack Obama came down to just seven votes separating the two, with Obama winning 50.1 percent to 49.9 for Hillary Clinton, who was then a senator from New York. The 2016 Guam vote could also turn out to be a close one.

“It looks like this might come down to the wire,” said Kin Perez, who chairs the Democratic Party of Guam. “Sanders’ campaign has put forth some very novel ideas that have made a lot of people excited. Young people in particular. The old guard not so much.”

But Bernie Sanders has consistently won large margins among voters under age 30, and with a population whose median age is 29.9, Guam would appear to be prime Sanders territory.

Clinton appears to have the Democratic presidential nomination already clinched. With 1,704 pledged delegates to 1,414 for Bernie Sanders, Clinton has mathematically eliminated the Vermont senator from winning the 2,383 needed to take the nomination.

Sanders’ only hope is to persuade superdelegates who have said they would vote for Clinton to change their minds. The way he has said he would do that is to persuade them to vote the way that their states or territories voted. So winning the Guam caucus is important to Sanders’ Hail Mary strategy.

But Clinton has outspent Sanders in Guam, buying $22,000 worth of radio advertising on the island this week, to $12,000 purchased by Sanders.


Hilary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, also penned an op-ed essay for The Pacific Daily News, titled, “Why Guam Should Choose My Mom.”

For a live text-only stream of results from the Guam Democratic caucus between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the New York Times will post results available at this link.

[Featured Photo By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]