Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck Move To London With Kids: Divorce Off, Couple Reconciling?

Things are looking much better between Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck — so much so that sources think the duo could potentially reconcile following their untimely filing for divorce.

The couple, who announced their separation and plans to divorce last summer, seemed to have had a change of plans following Jennifer’s agreement to have Ben move back into their $40 million home in Pasadena, California, earlier this year.

According to People, the couple is currently enjoying a much-needed vacation with their children out in Paris right before they make their final trip to London, England, where Affleck will be shooting his forthcoming movie, The Justice League Part One.

Fans have wondered why Jennifer Garner is spending so much time with Affleck if she was really serious about finalizing her divorce from the hunky actor, unaware that the actress has already been having second thoughts on parting ways with the father of her three children.

In an interview with CBS This Morning earlier this year, Ben Affleck revealed that his kids have definitely become his and Jennifer’s main priority, certain that even if his relationship with his wife was to come to an end, they will always remain a family.

“We’re doing our very best and we’re putting our kids first and that’s how we’re focusing on our day-to-day lives,” the actor revealed, before adding, “We don’t know what the future’s going to hold, but each step that we take is one where we prioritize our children and everything else comes second.”

The supposed fact that Jennifer Garner and Ben are living together again is said to have been the actress’ first step in seeing whether reconciling with Affleck was a good move after all.

Last year, the couple caused endless headlines following rumors that Ben had an alleged affair with the family’s former nanny Christine Ouzounian. Daily Mail went on to suggest that Christine and Ben were quietly hooking up in the home the actor shared with his famous wife, and when Jennifer found out, forgiving Ben’s actions was out of the question.

Garner has since commented on the allegations, telling Vanity Fair that Christine and her husband couldn’t have had an affair because the duo had already separated at the time the cheating scandal supposedly took place. Still, she never confirms nor denies whether Ben could’ve possibly hooked up with the nanny while they were still legally married — regardless of whether they were separated.

Garner and Affleck have already made a payment for their new home out in England, where the entire family will be staying throughout the summer as Ben shoots for his latest superhero movie. Jennifer is showing all sorts of signs that are leading to a reconciliation, another source said, adding that the 44-year-old has had several chances to end the divorce, but chooses not to.

In her interview with Vanity Fair, Garner also mentions how Ben is and always will be the love of her life, famously admitting how saddened she would be if she wasn’t to share a dance with her husband at one of their children’s wedding. After all, Jennifer saw herself spending the rest of her life with Affleck.

[Photo by Theo Wargo and Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]