Bora, Of SISTAR, Battered And Bruised After Volleyball Game On ‘Cool Kiz On The Block’

One of the most popular, and probably one of the sexiest, K-pop acts in the industry today is SISTAR. Consisting of four members — Hyorin, Dasom, Soyou, and Bora — the idol girl group has enamored many K-pop fans, turning some into STAR1 (devoted fans of SISTAR) through their sexy songs, accompanied by their uniquely provocative dancing. Just last summer, SISTAR owned the season with their popular hit “Shake It,” a fun-filled dance track that asked everyone to shake their booty. And if that song wasn’t sexy enough, all one has to do is take a trip back to 2014 when SISTAR enticed fans by singing “Touch My Body.”

In between SISTAR promotions however, each individual member likes to spend their time in different ways. Dasom, the maknae of the group, is pursuing an acting career in which her latest role was playing the female lead Oh In Young in The Eccentric Daughter-In-Law, also known as The Virtual Bride. Hyorin, the leader of the group, showed off her rapping abilities in Unpretty Rapstar 2.

However, Bora probably received the most attention primarily because she was hanging out a lot with her best friend, Tiffany, of Girls’ Generation. Besides appearing together in magazine shoots, Bora showed the world that despite being a member of SISTAR, she is also a Sone who attended one of the concerts during Girls’ Generation Phantasia.

Now Bora is back in the news again and it will surely pull at the sympathetic heartstrings of those who are STAR1. Bora recently showed just how battered and bruised she was after participating in a volleyball game on the variety show, Cool Kiz on The Block.

The news first made its rounds after it was reported by Korean news outlet, Insight. Through a translation by Soompi, we found out that Bora was practicing how to play volleyball for an upcoming episode of Cool Kiz on The Block, which is more commonly known as Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education. After one of the practice sessions, Bora uploaded her “battle scars” sustained onto her official Instagram.

As shown in the post above, it looks like Bora sustained massive dark red and purple bruising on her forearms, especially around the area often used to counter a spiked ball from the opposing team. It is probably safe to say that Bora’s body, or at least her arms, are unfamiliar with such impact and exertion resulting in her arms’ horrific state. As for the caption written in hangul, it reads the following.

“I was hurt. I got the bruises while practicing volleyball for Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education.”

Many fans, in both South Korea, as well as international fans, responded in kind, comforting Bora and asking if she was okay. Bora cheerfully clarified that as of now, she is a-okay, as reported by AllKpop.

As for those who are unfamiliar with the Korean variety show Bora is appearing on, Cool Kiz on The Block (also known as Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education), it is a Korean variety show which consists of a few celebrities, primarily Hallyu Stars, competing against citizens from all across South Korea.

A single sport is chosen for the challenge and the celebrities receive basic training so they can at least hold their own against the citizens whom are often amateurs within the selected sport. Given the fact it is a K-variety show, there are elements that make the challenge unique too. Since its debut on April 9, 2013, Cool Kiz on The Block has covered table tennis, bowling, badminton, basketball, Taekwondo, football (soccer), tennis, foot volleyball, cycling, swimming, judo, and volleyball.

It was not revealed when the episode of Cool Kiz on The Block featuring Bora will air, but it is believed its air date will be this coming Tuesday, May 10, at 11:10 p.m. KST on the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) channel KBS2. For those who do not have access to Korean channels, Cool Kiz on The Block is available for viewing on KShowOnline.

[Image via Screen Capture of SISTAR’s Music Video for “Shake It”]