Arrowverse: ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Recap — There’s A Little Vandal Savage In All Of Us

If you didn’t know DC’s Legends of Tomorrow had a season finale still two weeks away, you might have believed Rip Hunter was finally finished chasing Vandal Savage. But DCTV’s latest addition to the Arrowverse revealed a few things about the show’s primary antagonist that will require at least two more episodes to resolve. Based on what has been leaked about Season 2 already, there’s no reason to think the chase for Savage will continue next season.

Last week, Hunter and the Legends managed to capture Savage, but they kept him alive in hopes that it would ultimately save the brainwashed incarnation of Carter, currently serving as Vandal’s soldier. The entire team begins to question Hunter’s leadership, as he appears to have his own goals prioritized over the safety of his team.

NOTE: The following includes spoilers for Episode 14 of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, “River of Time,” which originally aired on The CW on May 5. It is two episodes prior to the season finale.

Rip Hunter’s end game

Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) plays the role of Rip’s conscience throughout the episode. She calls the Time Master out when it’s obvious that he’s putting his desire to save him family above his duty to keep the team safe. By the end of the episode, he takes a stray bullet while fighting to save his team, and his penance is paid.


As the episode nears its conclusion, Rip and the Legends take Vandal Savage to the Time Masters Council, with proof that Savage has altered the time line and was worthy of being removed. As it turns out, Savage and the Council are actually in cahoots. Hunter is put in prison, Savage is set to be returned to 2166, and most of the Legends are arrested.


Vandal Savage

Although imprisoned, Vandal Savage works his magic as a true evil genius, manipulating the Legends one-by-one. He convinces each of them that they’re not so different from him — almost a reverse Stockholm syndrome. While Atom eventually sets him free from his prison, the duo of Savage and brainwashed Carter can’t take on the entire fleet of Legends. Vandal is recaptured.

Of course, Rip Hunter doesn’t realize that things are never quite so easy. When he turns Savage over to the Time Masters Council, Savage’s deep roots are revealed. As the episode ends, it would appear that Vandal is going to have his moment with Rip Hunter’s loved ones once again.

The rest of the Legends

Captain Cold/Leonard Snart spent most of the episode warning everyone that something didn’t quite feel right to him. When the Time Masters Council sends soldiers to arrest the Legends, Snart and Lance hide while the others are arrested. Kendra manages to save Carter’s life, and Ray helps. Adding more confusion to the love triangle, Savage tells Ray that Kendra once loved him and betrayed him in another life.

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After Hunter sends Jax into a dangerous scenario to fix the ship, he’s exposed to some deadly radiation. In an attempt to save his life, Stein sends Jax off in a jump ship — the result of which could also end Stein’s life. Before the show ends, viewers aren’t given an update on the status of the younger half of Firestorm, although Stein and Sara are both arrested, along with Mick, Kendra and Ray.

Next week on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

As always, a preview/trailer for next week’s episode has already been released. It looks like the theme of the episode, aptly named “Destiny,” will be for the Legends to fulfill their’s. Oh, and Caity Lotz kisses Wentworth Miller. Could Captain Cold and the White Canary be a couple before the season finale?

Where to Watch

The CW airs DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday evenings at 8/7c. Replays of the most recent episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow can be streamed on-demand at the CW’s website beginning Friday. Current episodes of Legends of Tomorrow (including “River of Time”) can also be streamed with a Hulu Plus subscription the day after it airs on the CW.

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