Police Officer Saves Adopted Baby Kangaroo From Clutches Of Eagle

A cop has saved his baby kangaroo from the clutches of an eagle. Scott Mason, a senior constable with the city of Cue, in Western Australia, adopted the kangaroo last month. The joey’s mother was hit by a truck and killed, and they found him in her pouch afterward. Mason took him home and made him his own. The kangaroo, Cuejoe, was named by social media users after the town where he was found. Cuejoe took to Scott quickly, often seen climbing into his shirt or hopping along behind him at work.


Scott Mason was a paramedic prior to becoming a police officer. He’s also the father of a new baby boy, and had only been working in Cue for about six weeks prior to finding Cuejoe. Cue is about 385 miles northeast of Perth, where his wife and newborn son live. Scott bottle-feeds the baby kangaroo, and nurtures it just as he would his own baby. At the time Cuejoe was originally rescued after his mother’s death, he was estimated to be only four months old.

“Because it needs to be fed every three hours, it’s going to be my little child basically, as my wife’s in Perth with our newborn.”

Having become attached to the baby kangaroo, he had previously said he would name him after his son, but quickly found out that his “missus wasn’t too happy about that.” It was after that when he eventually adopted the name suggested by the town’s residents and social media fans. According to the Huffington Post, Scott Mason is such a fan of animals that he’s aspiring to one day open a wildlife rescue center in the small town of Cue. Most certainly the people in the town will accept this as they’ve already become fans of both Cuejoe and his adopted father. Locals delight in seeing Cuejoe hopping along behind Scott as he goes about his business. Cuejoe even has an ice cooler packed with soft cloths that he likes to rest in. They even call it his motor home as Mason pulls him around the station in it.


A few days ago, however, Cuejoe suffered his second brush with death. Mason and some fellow officers were out in Western Australia in the aboriginal village of Burringurrah. Cuejoe was in the rear of the Burringurrah station yard hopping around when a large wedge-tailed eagle swooped down and carried him over a two-meter-tall fence out of the police yard with his massive talons. Noticing quickly what had happened, Constable Mason and others raced after them, catching up to them not very far away. Another eagle had swept in to compete for the prey.

Constable Mason was able to scare away the eagles and rescue his baby kangaroo, only to discover that he was seriously injured. After finally gaining access to Cuejoe, the police officer was able to see that he was losing a great deal of blood. He’d suffered multiple talon injuries, notably to the face and chest, as well as having lost hair on his back. Fox News reports that they rushed him for medical treatment there in Burringurrah. He’s recovering well, according to Susan Usher, spokesperson for the Western Australia Police.

The adoptive father apparently didn’t take a moment’s hesitation before he rescued his baby kangaroo from the clutches of an eagle, and fans have said this shows he’ll be an excellent father to his own baby. The Western Australia Police spokesperson reports that the police officer and his baby kangaroo, Cuejoe, are back at home in Cue and doing well.

[Photo by Cue Police Department, Western Australia]