Who’s Lucifer’s Mother, And Could There Be A ‘Constantine’ Crossover? [Spoiler]

Since the final episode of Lucifer, fans of the show are asking just who Lucifer’s mother is?

This year the Fox Network gave what science fiction fans had long been waiting for with the return of the X-Files as a six-episode miniseries.

But when the show ended, Lucifer immediately filled in the slot and hit the ground running, catching more than a few television viewers off guard, and no one expected the show to be as good as it was, even reminding X-Files fans of when Mulder and Scully dropped the ball in some of those comeback episodes.

The Inquisitr talked about the new show when it was first announced by Fox, but now that the first season of Lucifer has ended, fans who have seen the series are likely curious as to who the revealed new character is going to be and how the producers are going to fit it into the mythos of the devil.

Tom Ellis of the Fox series Lucifer Tom Ellis seen at Lucifer panel at the Fox Winter TCA on January 15, 2016, in Pasadena, Calif. [Image by Richard Shotwell | Invision/AP Photo]Since the headline provides the heads-up, the final minutes of the season finale introduced what is suggested to be a terrifying new character, that being Lucifer’s mom.

According to an interview with the creators of the show on TV Line, there’s no telling who’s going to play the escapee from Hell, nor do they know much about the character herself.

But some research on biblical myths offers at least two directions the creators could take.

Should the creators decide to stay as close to the mythological source material as possible, they could reveal Lucifer’s mom to be Asherah.

Asherah figurine God's wife It’s acceptable that Lucifer would have a father which is God. However, where there is a father, there can also be a mother and it’s believed that this was Asherah, who was worshiped when polytheism was the trend before the idea of one God became popular. [Image by Hanay via Wikimedia | CC BY-SA 3.0]In the linked to interview, the creators admit that they’re dealing with “world building” now, which is a direction that has already upset Sandman comic purists, who feel the show has taken too many liberties with the material.

To build on Asherah would be a great opportunity to explore the rare polytheistic belief of a sect, which according to some scholars and archaeologists was destroyed by rulers who were enforcing and moving in the direction of a monotheistic belief.

Researchers claim that those who oversaw the editing of the bible tried to remove traces of God’s wife from the Old Testament, but some text remains, according to Dr. Francesca Stavrakopoulout in an article by the Daily Mail.

#Lucifer is always looking for last-minute advice from his father.

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Another option for the direction of the new Lucifer character could continue to capitalize on more mainstream and accessible knowledge from the scriptures and find a way to write Lucifer’s mother in to be Eve.

This would certain offer plenty of different takes, and whether it’s Asherah or Eve, the style of the show could suggest that Lucifer Morningstar’s fears are not so much because mom is frightening; it could be simply that she is too hard to handle, which could offer a comedic angle.

Which means they could create any character with a new name.

Some have suggested that perhaps an already established character on the show could be possessed, thereby letting the actor play two characters.


For instance, in the series we did get to spend some time with Chloe’s mother, who already seems like a handful. That could offer a clue into what type of character the mother is going to be.

But in the interview referred to above, the creators have already said the actor they would be seeking for the part would have to be great, which, for the time being, suggests the role will be played by a new actor.

An article from Sportsrageous also suggests that Barbara Hershey could be considered for the part to play Lucifer’s mom, but that has not been confirmed.

In other news, some fans have already been wondering about a possible Lucifer crossover with Constantine, even though there’s a go-ahead for John Constantine to make an appearance on CW’s Arrow, as published on USA Today.

[Image by Richard Shotwell | Invision/AP Photo]