Comic-Con photos show how strange we can be

Conferences can be a lot of fun especially when you get the ones that are dedicated to things that feed our imaginations. As much fun as they can be though there is no denying that we get to see the really strange and sometimes head shaking fans who take the whole conference going thing to heart.

Nowhere do we see this more than at things like the big comic conferences, such as the annual San Diego Comic-Con. Now I haven't gone to any of these comic type conferences but I gotta tell ya if SDCC is any example of what happens I'm not sure I want to because there are some pretty strange folks out there. It's one thing to be a fan but some of these people carry it a little too far I think.

The Smurfs?? … uhm how about a big No!


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And the sins of the father not to mention the silliness shall be visited upon their poor children.

star wars family

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Apparently not even Lego's are immune from being co-opted by their silly human overlords

lego star wars

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Anyone point these folks to the G.I. Joe Redneck Tailgate party please.


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Sorry dude but this Batman of yours – please go away before I puke or suffer a really bad acid flashback


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But then it can all be rescued by a gorgeous fan who does it right (yum)


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