Madonna’s Brave Women’s Rights Statement Has One Minor Flaw

Madonna is sick and tired of sexist and ageist comments against her, and she has a right to be. Though Madonna certainly isn’t immune from criticism, it’s difficult to take any legit criticism seriously since most of the criticism aimed at her has a witch-hunt and lynch mob mentality to it.

If you haven’t already heard, Madonna went to the Met Ball in a very revealing outfit.

Madonna Outfit Madonna was told to “put it away” by many commenters.
[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]
Some people, including fans, just didn’t like the outfit. However, the majority of the criticism was aimed at Madonna’s age, with people calling her “granny” and pretty much telling Madonna she’s just “too old” to be wearing revealing cloths. These are the people Madonna has every right to be angry with. Twitter was very vicious towards the Queen of Pop.


However, the response wasn’t 100 percent negative — at least not enough to hit the level where Madonna usually comments on something. Sites such as the Daily Beast gave Madonna’s outfit a thumbs-up. Many even commented that even though Madonna “lost” (was considered the worst dressed), she also “won” (she was the most talked about). Perhaps Madonna’s response is due to the rehiring of her formerly-retired publicist Liz Rosenberg, who appeared with Madonna at the Met Gala.

It’s likely that Madonna wanted to make a statement about ageism, sexism, and gender before the gala. Rosenberg likely told Madonna to dress the way she did and then, after she got criticized, come out with a fierce response. Even though the backlash wasn’t as bad as Madonna and Rosenberg had hoped, Madonna still bit back Wednesday in a way only Madonna could.

As Madonna had likely hoped, her statement was met with both thrills and mean criticism. The comments after her post on Facebook on the topic showed various opinions.

“And this is why I love her. I can’t believe some people still don’t understand why she wears some of the clothes she does. May she continue being Madonna,” claims Clare McCreesh.

“I am, and will always be a fan. But your looks in the last few years at such events as the Met Gala Ball and the Grammy’s really seem to be screaming for attention. And that, honestly, isn’t the Madonna I grew up admiring, and respecting,” says Adrienne Morgan Leigh.

Madonna Met Gala Some Madonna fans love Madonna for speaking out about gender equality, but insist their dislike of the outfit has nothing to do with her age. [Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]One of the most common comments came from a fan named Rachel Dillon.

“I have admired you forever Madonna and always will. I thought your outfit wasn’t great, but it had nothing to do with any prejudice – I just didn’t like it. x”

Not liking Madonna’s outfit is not ageist. It’s not sexist either. And Madonna should have clarified that in her statement, which would make it mean even more than it does right now. Sexism and ageism are serious issues — so serious that putting the label on anyone who criticizes a woman, a woman’s actions, or a woman’s outfit is misguided. It’s the same as calling someone a racist if they don’t like Beyoncé’s new song or telling someone they are homophobic if they don’t like Modern Family.

What do you think of Madonna’s statement on ageism, sexism, and gender equality? Do you think she could have worded it any other way (besides the obvious grammar and spelling errors)? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]