‘Battlefield 5’ Reveal Teased With Something Big, Shadowy [Video]

DICE and Electronic Arts are hyping up the reveal of their next Battlefield title, presumed to be Battlefield 5. A teaser trailer was released on Thursday that has Internet detectives and leakers trying to figure out exactly what will be unveiled for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC tomorrow.

The next Battlefield will be unveiled during a live event starting at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT on Friday, May 6. Those interested in checking it out should head to the official website at that time for the world premiere. The site currently holds a countdown clock.

The eight second teaser trailer features just four seconds of actual in-game footage. A soldier looks up ominously as something massive casts a shadow over his face. What does it all mean for the Battlefield announcement? Who knows? But, there many in the gaming community that already have theories.

Some in the Reddit community believe the high collar suggests the soldier is wearing a trench coat used by American troops in the early half of the 19th century. This could potentially set the game during the World War I or World War II era.

As for the shadow, speculation ranges from a tank to a zeppelin to a UFO. There’s really nothing indicating what is causing the unnamed soldier to look up in awe. Still, there are some interesting teasers floating around.

YouTube content creator JackFrags has produced a series of looking back videos for DICE featuring previous games in the Battlefield franchise. He posted “No Guts No Glory” on Twitter. This phrase was coined in 1955 by U.S. Air Force Major Gen. Frederic C. Blesse from a fighter tactics manual he authored featuring the same name. While he served in World War II, it’s unclear if this is a tease of the time setting or not.

Bravo Intel, the Battlefield arm of Charlie Intel, claimed on Twitter that the setting is “World War I with a twist.”

This has led to further speculation the game will be set in an alternate timeline. If this ties into something like Harry Turtledove’s alternate history novels, it could turn into something interesting.

Electronic Arts has still shown an incredible amount of discipline to keep leaked images and video down to a bare minimum. The closest to a game spoiling leak thus far has been a German retailer listing, previously covered by Inquisitr. The listing came with a “Multiplayer tactical shooter in WW1” description before it was pulled down.

Battlefield Hardline Robbery (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
One thing is certain, Battlefield fans or those interested in trying the last two entries have the opportunity to download DLC for Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline for free.

The “Dragon’s Teeth” DLC available for Battlefield 4 is free on the Xbox Store and PlayStation Store for current and last-gen consoles, plus on Origin for PC.

Battlefield: Hardline owners can pick up the “Robbery” DLC for the low price of free via the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, and Origin as well.

Both DLC offerings will be available to own at no cost through May 10, and DICE states on the Battlefield website its plans to give more content away for free in the coming months.

“Over the next few months we’ll be giving away previously released expansion packs for both games to anyone playing on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Origin for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3,” the site reveals.

EA Access subscribers on the Xbox One and Origin Access subscribers on the PC won’t have to wait. Both can download the Premium subscription to Battlefield 4 and Hardline for free right now to gain access to the entire library of DLC for the two shooters.

What do you think of the Battlefield teaser released by DICE and Electronic Arts? Where do you think the series is headed? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via Electronic Arts]