Nicolas Cage Is On A Quest To Save His Daughter In ‘Stolen’

If you’re cast as Nicolas Cage’s friend or family member, chances are you’re going to be in some sort of peril. This seems to be the case more often than not, as evidenced by the prolific actor’s previous endeavor Seeking Justice. Directed by Roger Donaldson, the 2011 thriller finds Cage attempting to find the nefarious individuals responsible for a brutal assault on his wife. Of course, this sort of conflict almost always makes for intriguing cinema.

The same rules apply in Simon West’s upcoming thriller Stolen, a film which casts Cage as a father desperately searching for his missing daughter.

Cinema Blend has some specific plot details:

“Cage’s character is introduced fresh out of prison and looking to patch things up with his estranged daughter. A former thief, he’s also looking to turn over a new leaf, but that plan goes down the toilet when his old partner – who believes Will stashed the $10 million they stole eight years ago – kidnaps his daughter Allison and demands payment in exchange for her life.”

The film also stars Josh Lucas, Malin Akerman, Danny Huston, and veteran character actor M.C. Gainey. Simon West, as you may recall, famously directed Cage in the underrated 1997 action flick Con Air, a film which found the Ghost Rider star sporting a greasy mullet and a hokey southern accent.

Cage, meanwhile, has a number of motion pictures currently in the works. In addition to popping up in the highly-anticipated sequel Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall, the actor is rumored to be participating in The Expendables 3, which will surely be rushed into production given the first sequel is the current champ of the North American box office. The addition of Cage to the aforementioned franchise makes perfect sense to those who follow the guy’s work.

According to The Examiner, Millenium Films is set to release Stolen into theaters on September 14. Be sure to check out the trailer embedded below.