Beyonce Baby Rumor Update: Is Beyonce Pregnant With Her And Jay Z’s Second Child?

The rumor mill is buzzing that Beyonce is pregnant with her and Jay Z’s second child, but is there really any truth to this latest Beyonce baby rumor?

Is Blue Ivy going to be a big sister? According to the new issue of Life & Style magazine, Beyonce is pregnant with a baby boy. The magazine claims to have a source that is sharing Beyonce’s baby news. Not only is she allegedly pregnant for the second time, but little Blue Ivy will be getting a little brother later this fall, claims this alleged source.

Of course, the shocking baby news comes out right after the cheating rumors begin to fly. The magazine further claims that Beyonce will share her baby news once she is far enough along. Most women tend to wait three months before announcing their pregnancy. This joyous news is allegedly saving the couple’s marriage.

Despite Life & Style’s best effort to continue the Beyonce is pregnant rumors, Gossip Cop is claiming the site can debunk the Beyonce baby rumors. Basically, the more reputable website points out that the singing sensation is in the middle of a killer tour and that would not be the case if she was actually expecting baby number two.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind as the Beyonce baby rumors continue to be in full force. It would seem that every couple of months there is a story that Beyonce is pregnant with her and Jay Z’s second child. Considering the most recent issues surrounding the megastars and their marriage, it is no surprise that this rumor has once again caught fire. Think about it — what a great story, right? He cheated, she is pregnant, and now their life is in chaos. It might sell magazines, but that does not mean there is any truth to any of the rumors.

Ever since Jay Z and Beyonce’s daughter Ivy was born, the couple has been under a microscope when it comes to having another baby. The world has literally been watching the “Lemonade” singer’s every move to see if there is a baby bump. Radar Online is even going as far as to say that the Jay Z and Beyonce are at war over baby number two. Yes, the obsession is real and so is the exploitation.

Even though there are a ton of claims that Beyonce is pregnant, there does not seem to be any truth to this latest rumor. If the Beyonce baby reports were true, there would have been some proof by now. Based on how she looked at the Met Gala and what she wore, it certainly does not seem that she is pregnant. Remember when she was pregnant with Blue Ivy, she hid it well for months, she did not look like she was hiding any kind of bump at the Met Gala.

There does not seem to be any end in sight to the Beyonce baby rumors, but for now, it would appear that there is no truth to them. While there has been no official confirmation either way, all signs point to the fact that Beyonce is not pregnant right now. Only the super couple know what is really going on with baby number two, and until they decide to share, the rumor mill will keep buzzing.

What do you think about the latest baby rumors involving Beyonce and Jay Z? Do you think that Blue Ivy is going to be a big sister anytime soon, or is this just another made-up rumor about the couple? Tell us what you think in the below comments section.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]