May 5, 2016
'Interview With The Vampire' Remake Confirmed

A remake of Interview with the Vampire is on its way. New Mutants and The Fault in Our Stars director Boone posted a picture on Instagram confirming two of Anne Rice's most loved vampire novels, Interview with the Vampire and The Vampire Lestat, are being combined for a screenplay. Boone is working with writer and producer Jill Killington. The two worked together before on the drama film All We Had.

An Interview with the Vampire reboot was rumored back in 2004 when the rights to all of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicle novels, including ones yet to be written, became the property of Universal Studios and Imagine Entertainment. It was also reported by the Inquisitr Josh Boone would be directing the Interview with the Vampire remake, but Imagine Entertainment denied the rumors at the time. Very little details as to the progress of the movie had been released until recently.

Josh Boone was interviewed by Nightmare Magazine back in March and described the Vampire Chronicles movie project as "hugely exciting" and called Anne Rice a "genius."

"We're really focusing on The Vampire Lestat, but we're using elements from some of the other books as well," Boone stated.

According to Coming Soon it was originally reported back in 2004 the Interview with the Vampire remake would be combining the first and third book in the Vampire Chronicle series, Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the Damned. A big screen adaptation for both movies has already been done.

The 1994 adaptation of Interview with the Vampire starred a blonde-wigged Tom Cruise as Lestat, Brad Pitt as the brooding vampire Louis, and Kirsten Dunst as Claudia, the child vampire.

Movie reviewer Roger Ebert called Interview with the Vampire "a skillful exercise in macabre imagination," but he did wish for a stronger plot line.

Queen of the Damned debuted in theaters in 2002 and cast Stuart Townsend as the Vampire Lestat who reinvents himself as a rock star in the modern age. The Queen of the Damned (Akasha) was portrayed by music artist Aaliyah. The movie was released six months after Aaliyah's untimely death and was dedicated to her memory.

Interview with the Vampire was well received by fans of Anne Rice's novels and became a favorite of gothic movie lovers, however, Queen of the Damned met with less praise.

Empire Online called Queen of the Damned "wishy-washy and hampered by cliche, sitting through this is like enduring a vampire life: it's one long wait for the end."

Anne Rice has said on her Facebook page she never embraced Queen of the Damned's movie adaptation, and it hurt her to see her work "mutilated."

Not everyone hated the movie. Queen of the Damned did lure in some die-hard vampire fans.

Now the big question is who will play the charismatic vampire, Lestat de Lioncourt, in the Interview with the Vampire remake? A Twitter post by Josh Boone stating "Lestat - There can only be one," with a photo of a blonde Jared Leto is possibly a clue.
Anne Rice had posted a contest on her Facebook page asking fans to propose who should play Lestat. Rice appreciated all the fan's ideas, which included Jered Leto, but Anne had her own ideas of who she wanted to play Lestat.

"I love all the Lestats you're posting on the page, the handsome actors and charmers," Rice wrote. "But let us not forget Chris Hemsworth who has Lestat's square face, cheerful eyes, and voice. And let us not forget Stephen Amell either who also greatly resembles Lestat and has the body and face of a god; and also Anson Mount who seemed at times to be Lestat prowling the frontier in 'Hell on Wheels.'"

Who would you like to see play the vampire Lestat in the highly anticipated remake of Interview with the Vampire?

[Photo by Warner Brothers/Todd Oren/Getty Images For The Hollywood Reporter]