NASA Cover-Up? Agency Caught Hiding Alien UFO Spotted Near The Sun Behind Black Square, Blogger Claims

According to a UFO blogger, NASA officials are up to their old tricks again. This time NASA is being called upon to explain the presence of a mysterious giant black square or "cube" spotted apparently in orbit around the Sun in an image taken by the Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft on May 2, 2016.

According to the UFO Blogger Scott Waring, who reported the discovery in a post to his blog on May 4, 2016, NASA is using a black cube (see image below) to cover up an alien spacecraft that appeared in a SOHO image of the Sun.

Alien hunters say that the giant black cube covering a section of the image is yet another evidence of NASA scheming to hide evidence of alien UFO spacecraft, the Daily Mail reports.

This is not the first time that alien hunters claim to have caught NASA red-handed concealing evidence of UFOs behind black squares and cubes. Waring spotted a black patch in a SOHO image of the Sun earlier in 2011. And because he could tell that the black patch was not a UFO, he concluded it was the product of effort by an artless NASA technician to hide an alien UFO spaceship orbiting our Sun.

SOHO image of Sun
SOHO image of the Sun shows a black square. NASA uses the square to hide indisputable evidence of alien UFOs near the Sun, UFO hunter claims [Image via NASA/SOHO]While hiding UFOs behind black squares and cubes appears a rather crude and clumsy way for a hi-tech agency to "cover-up" alien UFOs appearing in space images, Scott Waring and fellow alien hunters claim that such cat-and-mouse game with NASA has been going on for years.

The UFO hunter reports that he discovered the latest scandalous cover-up attempt while looking at NASA images at SOHO EIT 284 on May 2. He claims to have caught NASA using the same crude trick in the past.

"This cube has been seen before off and on. Sometimes it's seen in three dimensions, other times like this just two," the UFOlogist writes in a recent post to his weird blog, UFO Sightings Daily.

"... NASA is using a black cube to cover up alien spacecraft that get caught in SOHO images."
UFO enthusiasts contributed various opinions on Waring's blog.

"I never thought about NASA using the black cube to cover something up since we have seen it so many times. But in a way they kind of confirmed it for us," one enthusiast wrote.

Another argued that NASA would likely use less obvious methods if the intention was to cover up UFOs.

"Scott, if NASA wanted to cover-up [UFOs] they would've just blended it with the background like as if nothing was there. Why would they put an obvious big black box?" the UFO hunter asked.

Waring is not the only one who has accused NASA of airbrushing photos to remove alien UFOs and other anomalies. UFO hunters have claimed hundreds of sightings of alien UFOs in images of the Sun captured by cameras on board the SOHO spacecraft parked near point L1 in space.

And going by the questionable claims of UFO hunters, there must be thousands of massive alien UFO spaceships orbiting our Sun, passing through our inner solar system or simply parked at the convenient point L1 between Earth and the Sun.

The alleged alien UFO traffic through our inner solar is so heavy that many observers have opined that a reasonable explanation would be that a major interstellar highway passes through our inner solar system and that alien interstellar ships often stop over at the Sun to harvest energy in the same way that a car pulls in at a gas station to refuel.

But as expected, skeptics scoff at such fanciful notions. But it would be a mistake to imagine that alien and UFO hunters are only trying to be funny when they push outlandish claims about a galactic environment teeming with space-faring technological civilizations.

The Inquisitr reported on March 5 that alien hunters raised an alarm, saying that massive alien UFOs purportedly swarming around our Sun are a threat to life and human civilization due to uncontrolled harvesting of energy and other resources from the Sun.

"The unchecked draining of energy from our Sun by space-faring extraterrestrial interlopers could lead to the extinction of life on Earth."
Later in the same month, UFO hunters raised alarm once again that swarms of massive alien UFOs spotted in SOHO images orbiting our Sun could shorten its lifespan by sucking up all its energy.
Several former employees of NASA, contractors, top scientists and military personnel have come forward to claim that NASA regular conceals evidence of UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence.

The conviction among UFO conspiracy theorists that NASA and the government are hiding evidence of aliens and UFOs and even entered into secret military-technological alliances with certain alien races, such as the Greys, is strengthened by the testimony of former NASA employees and contractors, such as Donna Hare, who have volunteered disclosures.

Donna Hare, a former NASA contractor, testified before the national press club a few years back that she saw NASA photos showing massive and elaborate artificial structures on the lunar far side. She also claimed to have obtained from NASA staff members hushed-up information about UFOs that were spotted landing on the Moon just before an Apollo Moon landing.

According to Hare (see YouTube above), the space agency has, over the years, covered up UFO sightings as part of a project code-named "Santa Claus."

She also accused the agency of doctoring original space photos to remove anomalies before releasing them to the public. She claimed that while she worked with NASA as an image technician, she witnessed NASA employees airbrushing space images.

She claimed that NASA threatens and intimidates employees and contractors to stop them from disclosing information about NASA's extensive efforts to cover-up UFO information.

Others who have made disclosures include Sergeant Karl Wolfe (see YouTube above), a former Air Force officer, and Clark C. McClelland, a former NASA spacecraft operator (ScO), who claimed he once saw a nine-foot-tall alien hanging out with NASA astronauts in the Space Shuttle Payload Bay area during a mission in 1980s.

[Image via NASA/SDO/AIA/Goddard Space Flight Center/Public Domain]