Kylie Jenner Sports Ample Cleavage As Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian Have Fun In Havana

Kylie Jenner makes sure she is always in the news. Whether it’s fashion or her relationship with Tyga, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star knows how to keep her fans interested. Another of her interests is posting shocking pictures of herself on Instagram. We have all seen her pictures of the Met Gala, but let’s not forget that Kylie Jenner is also a brand ambassador for Puma, a deal for which she got a million dollars.

Kylie can be seen taking a mirror selfie that shows off her ample cleavage. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is wearing a sports bra and Puma (obviously) workout pants. Not only is Kylie showing off her taut abs, this is probably the first time she has shown off so much cleavage in any picture. If one pays close attention, it seems like Kylie Jenner is wearing a push-up bra.

But Kylie didn’t stop at one picture. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star posted another picture, which showed off her hot derriere. Kylie Jenner knows how to promote her brand, and she posted one more picture in which the Puma logo can be seen on her nails. It seems like Kylie Jenner is definitely earning a lot of points for being a true professional.

Kylie Jenner’s sister, Khloe Kardashian, on the other hand, is sharing loads of pictures as she has fun with sister Kourtney Kardashian in Havana. The girls have posted pictures of themselves smoking cigars in Havana. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars looked every inch the divas they are.

While Kylie Jenner is busy making music, Elle has stated that Khloe Kardashian is on her way to launch a “denim project,” People reported. Kylie Jenner had denied the rumors earlier that she is venturing into music, but it looks like the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is doing just that. The song is by rapper Lil Yachty and is produced by Burberry Perry. The track is called “Beautiful Day” and features Kylie Jenner. Here is Kylie’s contribution to singing.

“Jordyn, come on, I’ve never been on a song before! This is a f*cking—.”

So far it seems like everything Kylie Jenner touches turns into gold (Kylie Cosmetics), but it remains to be seen if Kylie Jenner will be able to make her mark in the world of music.

On the other hand, Khloe Kardashian is busy bringing another project to life. The hitherto mysterious project is labeled “The GA Project.” There isn’t much information about the project itself, but from Khloe Kardashian’s words, it seems like it focuses on body issues. Khloe isn’t happy with the way fashion industry has been promoting a woman’s body, and she wants to bring curves back into fashion.

“The body revolution is here. There is a new definition of sexy. The shape we lust for has curves, not the straight body of the fashion establishment. Some call it a new silhouette, we just think of it as embracing the body you were given. We do not look to authoritarian fashion titles for guidance. Our content is unedited. It is about celebrating one another. We create movements because we no longer follow the same old leaders. Knocking down stereotypes when we prove that gorgeous can be powerful and intelligent can be sensual. We believe in America and we believe in our community. We are all good, regardless of our shape or heritage. Our story starts today.”

The Inquisitr earlier reported that Khloe Kardashian is all set to launch her new show, Revenge Body. She has time and again posted several pictures of herself in figure-hugging clothes that look nothing less than sensational. If there is one person who believes in the power of good looks, it’s Khloe. “Looking great is always the best revenge,” said Khloe Kardashian. “It’s so exciting to be able to mentor these people through their full-body makeovers and I can’t wait to see the incredible results at their final reveals!”

Do you believe Kylie Jenner will be able to make her mark as a singer and Khloe Kardashian’s new project will take off? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]