Texas Man’s Revealing Thong Gets Neighbors’ Attention

Austin, TX – It takes a lot of courage to wear a thong, especially if you’re a guy. They don’t leave very much to the imagination, much to the sheer horror of everyone who can see it. That may explain why Joe Shead’s neighbors are a little unsettled whenever he decides to embark on a leisurely stroll through down the street. The only thing he wears during these frequent outdoor excursions is his skimpy little thong, and he doesn’t plan to quit anytime soon.

Although some neighbors are amused by his antics, a lot of folks aren’t impressed with his wardrobe, or lack thereof. Parents are usually the most vocal about his appearance. “You get both,” Shead explained. “You get angry parents and you get liberal parents who think it’s a really good thing and that’s the way I see it.”

Shead understands that his unusual approach to fashion isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but he doesn’t seem to care. “It’s fun and it’s harmless, as I see it. So when people ask me why I do it, I usually just say I’m fun; it’s fun, I mean. But it is a lot packed into that.”

A child of the 60s, Shead is very much a free spirit, and was horrified when people became much more conservative under the Reagan administration. By 2007, Shead had opted to ditch clothing altogether, save for one lonely, well-meaning thong.

Not surprisingly, Shead’s vision of a perfect society involves people wearing nothing but thongs. “If it’s just me, then it’s easier for people to say it’s a lunatic fringe doing it,” he said. “Why don’t people do it? And why don’t people do it when so many people really do want to? That puzzle has been in the background and the foreground of my life my whole life.”

Would you care if your neighbor enjoyed a leisurely stroll wearing nothing but a thong?

Man turns neighbors’ heads with thong