LeAnn Rimes 'Too Broke' To Divorce Eddie Cibrian: Marriage Strictly Business, Rimes Dodging Asset Share

Maurice Cassidy

LeAnn Rimes refuses to divorce Eddie Cibrian because she reportedly can't afford the legal expenses that are bound to follow once the court papers have been filed.

According to OK! Magazine, Rimes and Eddie's marriage has more or less become a business relationship. The duo have been arguing over the littlest things and it is clear that LeAnn is tired of the marriage, but she fears that divorcing the self-proclaimed actor could potentially hurt her bank account even more.

A source revealed, "With LeAnn's career in trouble and Eddie's nonexistent, they probably can't afford divorce, though it's likely where there'll end up soon enough," insinuating that the divorce could potentially see Rimes lose the remaining earnings she still has left.

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On top of that, it is unclear whether or not LeAnn Rimes even signed a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot with Eddie, which many seem to believe is probably not the case since she famously bragged about Cibrian being the love of her life who she plans on spending the rest of her life with.

"There is zero passion there," the insider concluded, alleging that the couple is aware of the fact that their relationship is still earning them a considerable amount of money.

Last year, Eddie and LeAnn Rimes starred in their own VH1 reality show, and although it was canceled after just one season, the twosome still managed to bag themselves a nice paycheck from their short-lived time on TV.

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LeAnn is also said to be making a substantial amount from touring. Although her venues are relatively small, the "Life Goes On" singer still manages to pull in hundreds of thousands from her music career, which has undoubtedly died down over the last couple of years.

All in all, LeAnn would rather stick with Eddie than divorce him and end up paying millions in legal fees along with a potential cut off her assets.

Reports concerning Eddie and LeAnn Rimes' marriage aren't anything new to the singer's fans, who were left stunned when an outlet recently claimed Cibrian was allegedly ready to bail on his marriage to LeAnn because she supposedly no longer makes as much money as she did when they first got together.

The source claimed that when LeAnn and Eddie made their romance official, the 33-year-old was releasing albums and had endless endorsement deals generating her up to $1 million in revenue each year. Things are said to have drastically changed since then.

Rimes hasn't released an album in three years, and the only income she reportedly has going for herself is touring every now and then — enough cash to keep the songstress and her husband living comfortably in California but not enough to cover legal fees and accept the loss of some of her assets.

Should it be true that there was no prenuptial agreement put in place for the couple, LeAnn would evidently be the one losing the most as Eddie, who hasn't starred in a movie in years, is more or less living off his wife's money.

One source went as far as saying that Eddie Cibrian has won either way. If he stays with LeAnn Rimes, he is settled financially — and if LeAnn Rimes decides to pull through with the divorce, the actor will still walk away with a fortune.

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