'Sons Of Anarchy' Spinoff Might Not Feature Charlie Hunnam After All

Toni Matthews

We know that both a prequel and spinoff for the hit FX series Sons of Anarchy are on the way. We know that and little else at the moment.

The one thing most eagerly speculated about by fans is whether or not the new show will feature former lead character Jax Teller.

However, there's something about this new Sons of Anarchy spinoff that fans desperate to see Charlie Hunnam again might not be taking into consideration. The new show is, according to the International Business Times, meant to focus solely on the biker gang subculture from a Latino perspective.

The new focus, direction, and location of the Sons of Anarchy might make it almost impossible to justify an appearance by Jax Teller.

It certainly doesn't sound like a Fear the Walking Dead situation, where the AMC zombie prequel is expected to crossover with The Walking Dead at some point.

Remember, we only recently received confirmation from Sutter that this "dark and beautiful" spinoff is a step closer to becoming reality.

There's also a chance the prequel may be set so many years before the original Sons of Anarchy that it would be impossible for a Teller cameo to happen.

Fan influence could play a role in making this happen. Fans have not stopped buzzing about seeing SoA characters again, especially those no longer with us.

The most likely Sons of Anarchy character to appear on this new show would be Marcus Alvarez, the Mayans MC president. Alvarez, who's portrayed by actor Emilio Rivera, is a strong candidate for crossing over from the old show to the new one. It's also possible that Marcus Alvarez may be to the new series what Jax Teller was to the original: The lead character through whose eyes we examine his particular world.

Although fans seem to be excited about an opportunity to return to the world of Sons of Anarchy, it's hard to ignore that a large portion of that buzz seems to be centered around the hope that old characters will feature on the new show and that Jax Teller specifically will feature.

It doesn't help that the upcoming prequel series, set before the birth of Teller, won't feature any of the main characters as we know them on the show.

At least until they're violently killed off.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]