MLB Not Fooled By Melky Cabrera’s Fake Website Ruse

Melky Cabrera may have proved his guilt today when a fake website was used as part of his defense.

Cabrera is facing a 50-game suspension for using performance enhancing drugs. According to the NY Daily News, the all-star outfielder tried to prove his innocence by saying that he purchased the product from a website and did not know it was illegal. Well, it turns out that the website was fraudulent and the supposed product doesn’t really exist.

The website ruse quickly fell apart, however, when investigators started asking questions about the non-existent product and the fictitious website.

According to the NY Daily News, Cabrera’s associate Juan Nunez allegedly paid $10,000 for the fake website which he used to place a few fake ads for a fake product. Nunez is apparently taking full “responsibility for what everyone else already knows.”

A source told the News:

“There was a product they said caused this positive… Baseball figured out the ruse pretty quickly.”

The fake website doesn’t look good for the outfielder, but Cabrera and his agents claim that they were not involved with the website. His agents, Seth and Sam Levinson, said that Nunez is a “paid consultant” and not a part of the regular staff.

Seth Levinson said:

“Sam and I absolutely had no knowledge or dealings with anyone at anytime associated with the website…. I will state unequivocally and irrefutably that any payment made to the website does not come from ACES (their New York-based sports agency, Athletes’ Career Enhanced and Secured Inc.)”

Do you think Melky Cabrera knew about the website?