New Season Of ‘The Great Food Truck Race’ Premieres Tonight

Tonight the third season of The Great Food Truck Race premieres on the Food Network, and the stakes are a little higher this time around.

According to OMG, the first two seasons of The Great Food Truck Race involved professional, experienced food truck drivers. These drivers didn’t really lose anything if they weren’t crowned the food truck king. This year’s drivers, however, are putting everything on the line.

Host Tyler Florence told

“In Season 1 and Season 2, they were real professionals who do this on a daily basis… but if they lost, they could just go back and be in business tomorrow. It wasn’t that big of a deal…. But this season’s contestants lose everything if they’re eliminated. They have put their lives on hold. They have put everything on the line.”

Florence said that all of the contestants on the show are well-equipped with food truck dreams but not food truck equipment. The Food Network gave all of the contestants a start up kit for their business. When a contestant gets kicked off the show, they will also lose their truck.

Florence said:

“We start off the entire season with everyone kitted out…. They gave us ideas, they gave us a name, they gave us a notion of what the brand was all about. We had branding agency come up with a logo and we skinned the truck for them and came up with uniforms. Basically, we put them in business. This is food truck boot camp, and if you can make it, you can make it anywhere. So we started in Long Beach, Calif., with eight teams and we moved on from one city to the next across the country. But if they lost that round of the competition in a city, I’d take their truck away.”

Here’s a preview of the season three Great Food Truck Race premiere.