Channing Tatum Wins The Best Husband Award For Giving Jenna Dewan Tatum A Pedicure

It seems every single day Channing and Jenna Dawan Tatum are reminding us that they're #couplegoals. Seriously, just when you think these two can't get any cuter, they do. On May 2, Jenna went to get her pedicure and Channing not only came along but then stepped in, helping out with her pedicure. Yes, you read that right. Not only can the Magic Mike star dance and act, but he can also give a mean pedicure.

According to SELF Magazine, the Supergirl star recorded the whole pedicure on her Snap Story. Channing first removed Jenna's old polish, using cotton balls, as any professional would. Then, after her toes were all painted, Jenna showed a shot of Channing blowing her toenails dry. What husband would get down and blow on his wife's toes just to dry them more quickly? The perfect husband that's who.

Jenna Dewan Tatum Shares A Cute Picture Of Channing Tatum Giving Her A Pedicure
[Photo by Jenna Dewan Tatum/SnapChat]But this isn't the first time these two have been caught being cute on SnapChat. Jenna often catches Channing on her Snap story, whether he realizes it or not, making fans fall more and more in love with their love every day.

It's obvious the Tatums are a couple that love to have fun and play around with each other. That became evident with how competitive they were during their Lip Sync Battle earlier this year. No one will ever forget when Beyoncé came out on stage while Channing was lip syncing her song, "Run the World," especially not Jenna, who fell over in shock.

These two are undeniably cute and so incredibly in love. A few days after Channing helped Jenna out with her pedicure, he then posted a gorgeous picture of her on his Instagram with the simple but cute caption, "I mean queen like."

Tatum then followed that up with two more pictures of his beautiful wife, one of which just had a simple caption of, "Yup," which could be in reference to so many things. Is his wife beautiful? Yup. Is he helplessly in love with her? Yup. Are they the cutest couple in the world? Yup.

Both Channing and Jenna know how to treat and surprise each other. According to Vanity Fair, just last week Jenna bought Channing a rescue horse for his birthday. Channing loved the horse, Cajun, so much he didn't waste any time taking him out for a sunset ride on his birthday while also wearing the wonderful face paint his daughter, Evie, marked his face with.

If Jenna and Channing show each other this much love, one can only imagine how incredibly loved their daughter, Evie, must feel. The young Tatum will turn three at the end of this month, and there's no doubt her parents will go all out for her birthday. We're thinking a new pony and huge party. Or maybe an all-access pass to Disney World. Really, the sky's the limit with these two, and no matter what happens, you know Evie will feel the love.

While Channing clearly loves the two most important women in his life, he also cares about all women in general. This became clear when he announced on May 4 that he was putting together and directing a Magic Mike Live show in Las Vegas at Hard Rock. During Channing's first Facebook Live video, he revealed the exciting news, letting fans know the show would start previewing in March of next year.

Although he said original cast members from the movies would not be performing in the live show, he did say it was possible that some actors may drop in occasionally if they happen to be in Vegas. Tatum himself will be working behind the scenes on this one. He told fans that he wanted to hear from the people and wanted to know what they would like to see in the show. In other words, it'll be very hands-on.

There's not a lot of information about what the live show will entail but no matter what happens it wouldn't be at all surprising if Jenna Dewan Tatum made an appearance at their opening show. Jenna and Channing are constantly supporting each other and there's no way she'd miss being a part of this. Plus, she'd probably just want to see the show anyway. Who wouldn't?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]