Guccifer, The Hacker Who Breached Hillary Clinton's Server, Says 'It Was Easy'

Hillary Clinton's defense of her email server while she was secretary of State took another hit today when a Romanian hacker known as Guccifer told Fox News that he repeatedly hacked her server in 2013.


"For me, it was easy... easy for me, for everybody," Marcel Lehel Lazar said to Fox News about getting into Clinton's personal emails. Lazar not only said he could access Clinton's server, but he also gave details about what he discovered.

Lazar told Fox News that he was not interested in the contents of her emails. "I was not paying attention. For me, it was not like the Hillary Clinton server, it was like an email server she and others were using with political voting stuff," he said.


Lazar, who according to NBC News was extradited to the U.S. on cyber-hacking charges of Clinton, General Colin Powell, and a member of the Bush family, told Fox News that he first hacked the account of Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime associate of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Once inside, Lazar noticed several emails from Mrs. Clinton, who is currently the Democratic frontrunner for president of the United States.


Brian Fallon, national press secretary of Hillary Clinton's campaign, told NBC News that there is "no basis to believe" Lazar's claims.

"We have received no indication from any government agency to support these claims, nor are they reflected in the range of charges that Guccifer already faces and that prompted his extradition in the first place. And it has been reported that security logs from Secretary Clinton's email server do not show any evidence of foreign hacking."
But when Lazar was in Clinton's account, he told Fox News that he believed others were also on her server. "As far as I remember, yes, there were … up to 10, like, IPs from other parts of the world," he said.

Guccifer Revelation: Bad Timing for Hillary Clinton

The report on the allegedly "easy" hacking comes at a bad time for Mrs. Clinton. Fresh off a primary loss in Indiana to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, she was already the target of a Huffington Post story which said she should resign because of her email scandal that has gone viral.

"Don't be certain Trump can't defeat Clinton in a general election, even if the FBI doesn't recommend indictments," the Huffington Post said. "Once he pivots towards being a semi-normal human being, and distances himself from the bigoted stances he utilized to gain power within the GOP, Clinton would face a more 'likable' Trump."

The FBI has confirmed that Clinton has already violated national security by not using a secure government server, the Huffington Post added.


The email scandal has plagued Clinton in her efforts to succeed Barack Obama, whom she served as secretary of State, as president of the United States.

[caption id="attachment_3063530" align="alignnone" width="670"]Will Hillary Clinton be indicted Will Hillary Clinton be indicted over email scandal?[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images][/caption]In October, the New York Times analyzed how Clinton's statements on the email scandal have changed over time. For instance, she said on March 10 of last year, "There is no classified material. So I'm certainly well aware of the classification requirements."

But in September, a review from the Inspector General "found that some contents of emails that Mrs. Clinton received were classified at the time she received them, though not marked as such."

And the Washington Times reported in February, "More than 15 percent of the latest batch of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's emails released Saturday contain classified information, with three of the messages being labeled 'secret.'"

It remains to be seen whether Clinton will be indicted over this issue.

What do you think? Should Hillary Clinton be indicted for not using a government server when she was secretary of State?

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