Texas Ghost Town Suddenly Resurfaces, Courtesy Of The Drought

The town of Bluffton, Texas, which has been underwater for nearly 70 years, has recently made its way back to the surface courtesy of the 2012 drought, according to KVUE. As water levels in the state continue to plummet, pieces of history have started to pop up in rivers and lakes, giving would-be urban explorers and opportunity to see towns that have been submerged for decades.

When visitors take a trip to Lake Buchanan, they’re in for quite a thrill. Not only are they able to see first-hand just how bad the drought truly is, they’ll also get to see the resurfacing of a town that hasn’t seen the light of day in a very long time. In fact, if you’d like a guided tour of the area, Vanishing Texas River Cruises is there to help you out. With lake levels down 20 feet, Tim Mohan is able to give tourists an opportunity to see a settlement very few have ever laid eyes upon.

“People just don’t know that there’s an old town like this that had so many people living in it,” Mohan explained of Bluffton. “It’s quite unique. We’re fortunate enough to have quite a bit of history, there’s a lot of old history from old buggies to pieces of pottery, and there’s a lot of history from the people who once lived here.”

The first iteration of this trading post town, which was founded in 1852, burned to the ground 30 years after it was settled. Folks soon moved from their scorched homestead to the banks of the Colorado River. This version of Bluffton existed until 1937, when the Buchanan Dam effectively buried the town in a watery tomb. The remains have been lurking underwater for the last 70 years.

Although most of the town is long gone, visitors can still catch a glimpse of what life in Bluffton was like all those years ago. What remains has been gathered up and displayed on the ruins of the town’s numerous buildings, which once included a blacksmith, a cotton gin, and a school.

If you’re curious to see what’s left of this Texas ghost town, you might want to schedule a visit to the area sometime soon. After all, this drought isn’t going to last forever. As soon as heavy rain begins to fall, Bluffton may vanish beneath the waters once again.

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