Last Man Standing Donald Trump Promises ‘We’re Going To Win Bigly’

Donald Trump is the last man standing out of the once-crowded Republican field. At an event following opponent Ted Cruz’s withdrawal from the race, the presumptive GOP nominee promised that “we’re going to win bigly” as a nation, correcting what he sees as a string of domestic and foreign policy losses in recent years.

Until last night, Trump opponents were still banking on the idea of a non-Trump candidate emerging victorious from a contested convention. Despite the fact that opponents Cruz and Kasich were already mathematically eliminated from obtaining enough delegates to secure the GOP nomination, the strategy was for both men to stay in the race long enough to prevent trump himself from obtaining the magical number of 1,237 delegates.

When Trump won a landslide victory in Indiana last night, a state where he was seen as vulnerable, Cruz announced the suspension of his campaign. That left John Kasich as the last man standing against Trump, and Kasich even announced last night that he would fight all the way to the convention.

Kasich is now expected to announce the end of his own campaign today, which will officially leave Trump as the last man standing on the Republican side and the presumptive GOP nominee for president.

last man standing cruz loses bigly
Once the last man standing against Trump, Cruz was mathematically eliminated before Indiana. [AP Photo/Darron Cummings]

Speaking to supporters following his landslide win in Indiana, Trump promised that we would soon start winning again as a nation and that we would win “bigly.”

“We’ve been losing all the time, we lose with our military, we can’t beat Isis, we lose with trade, we lose with borders, we lose with everything,” Trump told his supporters. “We’re not going to lose, we are going to start winning again and we’re going to win bigly. Believe me.”

Trump’s supporters erupted in applause at the promise that the nation would win “bigly” in matters of the military, trade, and border security under a Trump presidency, but social media immediately lashed out at the presumptive nominee’s word choice.

Others turned Trump’s word choice into a joke.

According to the OxfordWords blog, this isn’t the first time that Trump has used the word. In a post from last February, blogger Lorna Shaddick wrote on the subject of some of the strange vernacular that comes to light during political campaigns and specifically addressed the bigly issue.

Shaddick wrote that Trump “managed to come up with a few new words and phrases of his own – including one that sounds like ‘bigly’, though some say he means ‘big league’. Mr Trump has used it repeatedly as a means of emphasis in stump speeches (stump used in relation to political campaigning, referring to the use of a tree stump, from which an orator would speak). Instances include phrases such as ‘Iran is taking over Iraq bigly’, or referencing Fox News talking ‘bigly’ about immigration.”

Trump supporters fired back on social media at those who were poking fun at the presumptive nominee’s word choice last night, suggesting that he had, in fact, said we were going to win “big league.”

While it is possible that Trump could have squished the phrase “big league” into something that sounds a lot like “bigly,” the real joke is that bigly is actually a real word. While it is archaic and not in common use, it can be found in modern dictionaries like Merriam-Webster as the adverb form of the word big.

Now that Donald Trump is the last man standing on the Republican side, and the presumptive GOP nominee, do you believe he can win bigly against Hillary or Bernie?

[Photo by Mary Altaffer/AP Images]