Prince’s 'Sister' Song About Incest At 16: Lyrics Re-Examined In The Wake Of His Death

Paula Mooney

In the wake of Prince's death, the world is learning more about Prince's sisters and brothers – full siblings and so-called "half" siblings that are set to inherit potentially millions from Prince's estate. Alfred Jackson, Prince's older half brother, already believes one of his brothers or sisters may have filed a missing person's report on him in an attempt to squirrel away money from him, as reported by TMZ.

With so much focus on Prince's career and all the secrets Prince exposed in his music, long-time Prince fans are reminded of one of the most shocking and expository songs Prince ever created. On the Dirty Mind album, which was released in 1980, Prince penned and sang a song called "Sister," which exposed an alleged incestuous relationship with what some presume was between Prince and one of his sisters.

While Rolling Stone dismissed "Sister" as a "brisk pop-funk riff" at the time, "Sister" stopped other listeners cold in their tracks with any shocking truths that it may have exposed – and left them wondering who was the "sister" whom Prince sang about. "Sister" also put Prince on the map as a singer and songwriter who was not afraid to open his soul.

Although some of the lyrics online for Prince's "Sister" song hear the second line as Prince singing that his sister was burning to love him and loose – others agree that the lyric actually states that Prince's sister was 32 years of age when Prince was a 16-year-old. After all, Rolling Stone misheard the Prince's "uh sexuality" lyric in "Sister" as "bi-sexuality," leading the publication to presume that Prince was blaming an incestuous relationship with his sister for making him bisexual.

Therefore, one would assume that Prince – who was 57 years of age at the time of his death – would have a sister who currently is or would have been around 73 years of age who is the subject of the "Sister" song, with a date of birth of approximately 1943.

Prince was only 19 when he appeared on American Bandstand and spoke shyly with Dick Clark, as seen in the below video.

According to Lyrics Freak, following are the lyrics of Prince's "Sister" song.

"I was only 16 but I guess that's no excuse My sister was 32, lovely, and loose She don't wear no underwear She says it only gets in her hair And it's got a funny way of stoppin' the juice My sister never made love to anyone else but me She's the reason for my, uh, sexuality She showed me where it's supposed to go A blow job doesn't mean blow Incest is everything it's said to be Oh, sister Don't put me on the street again Oh, sister I just want to be your friend I was only 16 and only half a man My sister didn't give a g****** She only wanted to turn me out She (took a whip to) me until I shout "Oh, (mother******* just a mother******) Can't you understand?" Oh, sister Don't put me on the street again Oh, sister I just want to be your friend I know what you want me to do Put me on the street And make me blue Oh, sister"