Man Kills Friend With A One Hit Sucker Punch

After discovering that his friend was sleeping with his girlfriend, 19-year-old Matthew Gunter was understandably upset. To vent his frustrations, he punched the offending acquaintance in the face, an action which resulted in the young man’s death. According to 13 News, all it took was one angry fist to end the life of 23-year-old Travis Henshaw.

While picking up a few items at a local Walmart, Gunter received a call from a concerned individual informing the teenager that Henshaw was sleeping with his girlfriend. Understandably enraged, Gunter decided to pay a visit to his so-called friend’s place of residence. Instead of addressing Henshaw in a civilized manner, Gunter walked over to the guy and punched him square in the face.

The attack obviously caught Henshaw off guard. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that the assault caused the victim to hit his head on the side of a door, which was then followed up with a blow to the skull from the concrete floor.

To add insult to injury, Gunter stood over the wounded man, asking him why he chose to sleep with his “old lady.” Before authorities could arrive to address the problem, Gunter fled the scene. Shortly after his departure, Henshaw began to experience seizures, prompting a visit to the local hospital. Although attempts were made to save the man’s life, he died early Thursday morning from his injuries.

As a result of the fiasco, Gunter is now facing manslaughter charges. Additionally, authorities believe he may also face aggravated battery charges. Although Gunter admits he was extremely angry at Henshaw for sleeping with his girlfriend, he claims he never intended to kill his friend.

One punch kills are not as uncommon as you’d think. In June of 2011, 37-year-old Benjamin Gerard Hawkins killed John Massie after punching him in the face following a dispute inside a Las Vegas casino restroom. All it took to end the man’s life was a single punch to the jaw.