June 29, 2017
Apple Music: Everything We Know About The Rumored Revamp

Apple Music is going to be getting a bit of an overhaul next month, according to reports surfacing on Wednesday morning. Apple Music first launched about a year ago and had plenty of success, but the Cupertino company wants to make some sweeping changes it hopes will make the streaming music service even more popular. Among the changes expected to occur is an alteration to the Apple Music interface to make it more intuitive.

Bloomberg was the first to report many of the changes Apple is going to be making to its music service at WWDC in June, though it cautions none of the changes are official because Apple hasn't officially commented. The sources said the changes to Apple's music service aren't going to be simply about making sure it's easier to use. There will also be better integration with its streaming and download businesses. Apple is also planning to bring a few more radio stations to its streaming music service.

More radio stations on Apple Music would certainly be a welcome addition, considering it debuted with just the one station. If there was a part of the business model missing from this offering, it would be the ability to listen to radio stations rather than mixes or playlists that were being arranged by the users. There isn't a number yet or description on how many radio stations might be added to Apple Music, or if these will be curated by specific DJs or have a more automated feel.

9to5Mac reports the interface will have a new color scheme as well as more intuitive look. Right now, the monthly service is very colorful with a kind of translucent background. The new reports cite a black and white appearance that will be easier on the eyes, and the company feels it will be a bit easier to see what users are looking for. On the flip side, album cover artwork will become "huge" and cover more of the screen, so the look of Apple Music doesn't become too dull and colorless.

Sources have also detailed how Apple is going to be bringing more useful 3D Touch functionality to the streaming music service. Users will be able to get a better look and listen of song and artist previews, and there will also be a way to share what users are listening to quite a bit easier. At the same time, people looking for a massive change to social aspects of the application are likely going to be disappointed as rumors say it will stay mainly where it is right now.

The changes are going to take place throughout the application, but Apple is apparently going to be focusing hard on the "For You" section. While the service now reportedly has more than 13 million subscribers there aren't many that take advantage of the For You feature. Most stay away from that feature of Apple Music because of the way it is laid out. The company apparently understands this is the drawback and will work hard to make it more user-friendly.

Those getting excited about all the new changes are going to have to be a little patient. While Apple is reportedly showing off the redesign in June, it won't be going live right away. As is usually the case a big overhaul like this will come with the newest operating system update. That means the changes to Music aren't going to be officially offered up until this fall with the rollout of iOS 10. Those who want to get their hands on the beta version will likely be able to do so this summer. Sources say Apple Music will be offered to people through that program probably starting in July.

[Photo by Jeff Chiu/AP Images]