Katy Perry, Taylor Swift: Was There ‘Bad Blood’ At The Met Gala?

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift narrowly missed each other at Coachella, but did the dueling divas have an awkward run-in at the 2016 Met Gala? Both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift attended fashion’s biggest night in all of their red carpet glory.

The Met Gala was filled with more fashion disasters than memorable fashion moments. It also had some awkward moments for former friends Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, who reportedly crossed each other’s paths at the event. According to the Hollywood Life, the alleged bad blood between the two singers seems to carry on.

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The pop stars have a long-running feud that was reignited by Swift’s hit song “Bad Blood.” Perry made an appearance at the event with her bleached eyebrows and Gothic Prada gown. She also brought her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom, with her as her date. Meanwhile, Swift brought along her BFF Selena Gomez, showed off her new grunge red carpet look, and was co-chair of the Met Gala. Whew! An insider claims that both singers were too busy to even notice each other at the event.

“Katy was worried only about her outfit at the MET Ball, she didn’t have any time to worry about running into Taylor or have an awkward encounter, plus it is easy to avoid people if you really need to.”

The “Dark Horse” singer wasn’t particularly worried about running into Taylor. Between the focus on her gown and her relationship, Katy had quickly forgotten about Taylor, claims the source.

“She didn’t have Taylor on her mind, she was a non-factor in her preparation for fun or lack thereof for the night.”

It was previously reported that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were expected to have an “awkward run-in” at Coachella back in April. That was around the time when Swift first debuted her new platinum blonde hair and punk-rock look, while Perry attended the music festival with Bloom and her close group of friends.

“Katy and Orlando want to go to Coachella and see Guns N’ Roses and that is looking to be their next big outing and date.”

According to the insider, Swift and Perry narrowly missed each other since they went on different days. Swift was mostly there to support her boyfriend, DJ Calvin Harris, who had a set on Sunday nights, while Guns N’ Roses played on Friday nights.

“And since the GNR show is another day from Harris there is no chance for a weird Swift encounter. So it is a win-win situation.”

Is this finally the end of Taylor and Katy’s feud? Not necessarily. Sources claim that Katy’s ex-boyfriend John Mayer wants Taylor back in his life again. He almost had his own awkward encounter with the pop star at Gigi Hadid’s 21st birthday party. According to the Hollywood Life, the musician has not moved on from their short-lived romance, as he tried to strike up a conversation with Taylor at the party.

An alleged eyewitness at the party made an observation between John Mayer and Taylor Swift.

“It’s so obvious that John still has feelings for Taylor. He kept trying to get her into a conversation, but Taylor wasn’t interested.”

The source went on to say that Swift wanted nothing more than to hang out with her friends. Gossip Cop, however, called out Hollywood Life’s inaccurate account of John Mayer and Taylor Swift’s interaction at Gigi Hadid’s birthday party.

According to TMZ, both John Mayer and Taylor Swift did arrive to Gigi Hadid’s birthday party, but they didn’t even look at each other, let alone interact. When they left the party through separate doors, paparazzi asked John if he spoke to Taylor, to which he responded with a sly smile.

Although Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have tried to move on from their infamous feud, some people won’t let them forget about it. Students in Fall River, Maine, pit the singers against each other in a mock trial that took place at the Fall River District Court. Two students played the roles of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry since the pop stars were not in attendance.

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