Donald Trump's Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame Now 'Guarded' By Men Dressed As Russian Soldiers

Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has a new form of protection from vandalism and fighting: Russian soldiers. OK, so they're just men dressed as Russian soldiers, doing a bit.

It's not unusual to see costumed characters walking along Hollywood Boulevard, portraying movie stars and characters and posing for pictures with tourists for tips. But the latest characters to join the famed street stand stoically, faces grim, not once mugging for the camera. Rather than walk up and down the street, they guard one particular patch of ground on the famed section of Tinsel Town.

Call it a protest, call it a prank, or call it, as The New York Post does, "political street theater." Regardless, since Wednesday, the president's star has been "guarded" by two men dressed as Russian soldiers, complete with the Russian flag.

Twitter user @Asgard_hydra was suitably impressed.
"2 guys dressed as russian soldiers in 90F heat to ``protect`` Trump's Hollywood Walk Of Fame star from vandalism. That's next level trollism!"
The bit was even featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
"That's what comrades do for other comrades."
As of this writing, several questions about the protest remain, not the least of which is, who are these guys? So far, it doesn't look like they've given any interviews or answered any questions. It's also not clear how long their "shifts" are (do they stand at the star for hours at a time?) or how long their bit will continue.

Donald Trump got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007, according to Fast Company, back when The Apprentice was big. However, it wasn't his reality career that got him the star, according to Ana Martinez, the Walk of Fame's spokeswoman.

"He was selected for his producer job for his Miss Universe shows."
Until 2016, the star was largely ignored. But that all changed since Trump announced his candidacy for president.

Back in October 2016, a man named James Otis vandalized the star with a pickaxe and sledgehammer, reducing it to rubble, according to The New York Daily News. Then again, just last week, the Trump star was vandalized by pickaxe, this time allegedly by a man named Austin Clay. And as it turns out, none other than James Otis offered to bail Clay out of jail. Unfortunately for Otis, he was beaten to the punch in raising the bail money by a crowdfunding campaign, but Otis still promises to help Clay in any way he can.

Also last week, as reported by the Inquisitr, a brawl broke out at the scene of the star. The participants had all dispersed by the time cops arrived at the scene.