Lozada Divorce: ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Canceling All Public Appearances After Split

Evelyn Lozada’s divorce from Chad Johnson is apparently taking its toll the the reality television star.

One of the featured faces in Basketball Wives, Lozada is reportedly not ready to face the public following a brutal week in which she broke up with now-unemployed NFL receiver Chad Johnson, TMZ reported. Lozada’s divorce has caused her to cancel all public appearances, most of which would have furthered her now-damaged career.

Several of the appearances canceled in the wake of Lozada’s divorce were appearances to promote her book The Wives Association: Inner Circle, TMZ reported. She was on the second half of the book tour. Lozada also had various club gigs and a book expo scheduled for next month where she was to appear alongside fellow reality television wife Teresa Guidice.

According to TMZ, Lozada is not ready to answer questions surrounding the domestic violence incident that led to her divorce. The couple was married for just 41 days when Lozada filed for divorce after her husband allegedly head-butted her.

A representative for the star of the VH1 reality show confirmed the Lozada divorce filing earlier this week.

After the incident Johnson took to his official website, OCNN, to publicly affirm his love for Lozada, the Associated Press reported. He said he wanted to let the legal process run its course and that he had “no negative words” to say about Lozada.

The fight that ended the marriage allegedly stemmed from a receipt for condoms that Lozada found, leading the couple to argue during dinner. The fight continued on the way home, and, as the couple arrived in their driveway, Johnson allegedly head-butted his wife. Johnson maintains that it is his wife who head-butted him.

The Lozada divorce was part of a pretty bad week for Johnson. Following the incident, he was cut by the Miami Dolphins, a normally behind-the-scenes action that in this case was broadcast to America as part of the HBO show Hard Knocks.