Brazil’s ‘Disney World Of Sex,’ Erotika Land, Sparks Intense Debate

Brazil's 'Disney World Of Sex,' Erotika Land, Sparks Intense Debate

Brazil has recently released plans for an adults-only amusement park that will appeal to its guests’ sexual libidos, and it has sparked a lot of debate among locals and across the internet.

The professed “Disney world of sex,” which will be called Erotika Land, will include such wild attractions as an erotic sculpture park, a museum of sex, a snack bar that serves aphrodisiac dishes, a nudist swimming pool, a sex accessory bazaar, an erotic theater with vibrating seats, a “train to pleasure” staffed by male and female gogo dancers, sexy midway games, and, of course, genital-shaped rides, according to a sketch of the park’s layout on the website of SoftLove, the Brazil-based group developing the park.

The Brazil operation would not allow visitors to have sex within its walls, though, reports the New York Times. Guests will have to go to one of the nearby motels, also run by SoftLove, for that.

Unlike the free-to-enter Mars-themed park Las Vegas announced earlier this year, admission to Brazil’s sexiest place on earth will not be cheap; a day pass will cost $100 and the motel room will add even more to that figure.

The steep admission fee is one of the reasons Mauro Morata, the businessman behind the Brazil operation, says the park will be great for Piracicaba, the city in central Brazil that will play home to the park.

Besides the thousands of visitors from inside and outside Brazil paying $100 per head to visit the park and stimulating the area’s economy, Morata points out that Brazil’s Erotika Land will create at least 250 jobs and will educate visitors about safe sex.

“This won’t be a place for nuns, but it’s not like we’re trying to recreate Sodom and Gomorrah,” Morata told Brazil’s press, adding that workers will encourage condom use.

Despite Morata’s insistence that the Disney World of sex will be good for Brazil and Piracicaba, many are concerned that Erotika Land will reflect badly on the area and might attract the wrong kind of attention to that area of Brazil.

“We can not be known as the capital of sex. That would be bad for our image. In fact, this business could bring prostitution and drug use to the city,” a Piracicaba city councilman named Matheus Erler told Brazil’s Veja Sao Paulo (the interview is in Portuguese and has been translated for this article).

Erler said that it is not easy for a city to shake a negative stereotype people have about it and that, although Piracicaba is currently known as Brazil’s capital of “humor, ethanol, and technology,” the park’s presence would likely give Piracicaba an unwanted reputation as the “Amsterdam of Brazil.”

“You see, every business that attracts tourists in general may suffer from drug use. [In the case of most theme parks], the audience would be different, with parents and children. They would hardly use narcotics.”

But, Erler said, that would not be the case with Brazil’s proposed Erotika Land.

“The crowd the park will attract will not be families, but libertines who have sex without any commitment.”

It is also worth noting that Erler is a member of Brazil’s Christian Socialist Party, although he insists in the interview that religious principles have nothing to do with his opposition to Brazil’s Erotika Land construction.

Will other Christian organizations take offense at Brazil’s potential new sex tourism haven as well? Although the plans have been public for a while now in Brazil, they have just recently been picked up by the United States media, so only time will tell. Maybe we’re better off sticking to theme parks inspired by Noah’s Ark.

On the other hand, points out Women’s Health, the sensual thrills a couple could find at Brazil’s Erotika Land might be a nice alternative to the traditional couple’s weekend getaways involving beaches and couples massages.

What do you think? Would you be interested in taking a vacation to Brazil to check out Erotika Land if it is finished, as planned, in 2018?

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