‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8 Confirmed — Who Is Returning?

Teen Mom 2 has everyone talking this season. From custody battles to deployment, Season 7 has been one of the most dramatic seasons to date. Teen Mom 2 also has been the subject of a lot of chatter. Leah Messer has threatened to quit the show because of bad editing and Jenelle Evans has expressed her desire to cut ties as well. Talks of a Season 8 have been in the works, but until recently, a decision had not been made to renew or cancel Teen Mom 2.

After a tumultuous few weeks, Teen Mom 2 will be bringing fans another season. According to the Ashley, Teen Mom 2 has already begun filming for Season 8. In fact, they never actually stopped filming when Season 7 ended, which is why some of this footage is newer. Teen Mom 2 has several couples and a few extras straggling about, and it appears that not all of them will be returning. Despite several cast members speaking out about cutting ties with Teen Mom 2 and moving on, not many of them have the guts to actually go through with it.

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Chelsea Houska is planning her wedding while airing on Teen Mom 2. While she has already axed the idea of her wedding being filmed, she has agreed to film part of the planning. Houska will be returning for Season 8 of Teen Mom 2 alongside her daughter Aubree and soon-to-be husband, Cole DeBoer. Adam Lind has not been confirmed for the show, and he may not return. He has been mentioning for months that he no longer wants to be linked to Teen Mom 2, but without the hefty paycheck from the network, he may be lost.

Leah Messer will also be returning to Teen Mom 2 for the next season. She has been quick to complain about the editing making her look bad and scream about quitting, but she is definitely filming right now. It is unclear where the men in her life stand. Corey Simms will likely remain on Teen Mom 2. Right now all of the money the twins earn goes towards a college fund, and for now it is worth it. He has not confirmed or denied his link to the show, but it is being assumed that he will return. Jeremy Calvert is another story. He has always worked while on Teen Mom 2, and he no longer wants to be associated with the show or what it represents. Calvert has talked about taking Addie off the air with him, which could limit filming for Messer.

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Jenelle Evans has also signed on to remain part of the Teen Mom 2 cast. If she remains with David Eason, he will be along for the ride as well. Nathan Griffith will do what he can to continue being part of the show, including dragging out a custody battle over Kaiser with Evans. It was confirmed that some of the custody issues will be addressed during Season 8 of Teen Mom 2, and fans are looking forward to seeing that come to a conclusion at some point in the near future.

Kailyn Lowry is the last cast member to confirm she will be returning to Teen Mom 2. At this point, there is so much fans want to know about her life, and if the show is indeed taping for the next season already, there should be plenty to talk about. Javi Marroquin is still deployed for a few more months, and his return will likely be captured. It has not been confirmed if he will be joining Season 8, but it will depend on his relationship with Lowry.

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Details surrounding Season 8 of Teen Mom 2 have not been confirmed. Filming is happening, but a premiere date is too far away. There are still a few episodes to be aired, followed by the reunion show. The girls taped that a few weekends ago, and it was said to be emotional. Season 8 of Teen Mom 2 is going to be highly anticipated, especially with the various levels of drama that have exploded over Season 7.

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