Jimmy Kimmel Burns Sarah Palin On Climate Change

Jimmy Kimmel roasted Sarah Palin last night for her promotion of a documentary which tries to refute the science behind human-caused global warming.

In a segment of his late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel played clips of some awkwardly-worded sentences Palin made last month in an interview promoting the climate-denier movie Climate Hustle“, which made its theatrical debut in some 400 theaters on Monday.

“It’s perpetuated and repeated so often that too many people believe that, ‘Oh, well, if 97 percent of all scientists believe that man’s activities are creating changes in the weather, who am I to question that?’” Palin said.

“Exactly. Who are you to question that?” was Kimmel’s response.

He followed with a monologue about the overwhelming evidence in support of anthropogenic climate change and citing facts about consecutive record-breaking temperatures since the turn of the century, but the pièce de résistance of the segment was a two-minute video clip of multiple climate scientists from various disciplines assuring viewers that climate change is real, that it is human-caused, and that “We’re not f***ing with you.”

After telling viewers that anthropogenic climate change is “definitely happening,” the scientists in the video went into a skit assuring viewers that they’re not conducting all these experiments and studies as some sort of highly elaborate prank.

“And here’s the thing: When we tell you all this, we’re not f***ing with you,” paleoclimatologist and isotope geochemist Aradhna Tripati deadpans to the camera.

“Think about it: if we wanted to screw with people, do you think we would have gone into climate science?” asked climate scientist Alex Hall in the clip.

“Once when I was younger I locked one of my buddies in a Port-a-Potty, then pushed it over. Now that’s a prank,” said Marine Environmental Scientist John Dorsey.

Kimmel put his own lack of scientific accomplishment in the spotlight in the lead up to the clip, joking about his rise to fame showing “girls on trampolines,” but imploring viewers to watch and listen, because the scientists they’re about to see are “like smarter versions of you and me.”

“Now I know I’ll get beaten over the head by every wacko website, and I know there’ll be a lot of ‘what the hell do you know, go back to girls jumping on trampolines’ — this is not about what I know,” he said. “This is about what scientists know, so I hope that for the next two minutes, put your political leanings aside, forget about whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, forget the labels, and pay attention to the following message, decide for yourself.”

Multiple times throughout the segment, Kimmel brought up the same 97 percent figure cited by Palin, but argued that such an overwhelming consensus among scientists actually points to a pretty convincing argument in favor of the reality of anthropogenic climate change. He referred viewers to NASA’s website climate.nasa.gov, encouraging them to verify the 97 percent figure for themselves.

Kimmel also put repeated emphasis on the argument that climate change is a scientific issue, not a political one, arguing that the issue only gets politicized because millions of dollars are given by lobbyists to congressmen, “who we don’t even like!”

“Unlike a lot of things, this isn’t a matter of political opinion. It’s a matter of scientific opinion, and in this case, overwhelming scientific opinion,” the host said leading up to the video clip, before joking, “What if I decided to deny the existence of yogurt? Think about it. I’ve seen the containers, I just don’t believe there’s anything in them. I believe yogurt is a conspiracy created by John Stamos.”

[Photo by Sam Morris/Getty Images]