‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 News: Filming Begins, Paid Extras Being Cast

The Walking Dead Season 7 has gotten underway in Georgia, and there is some exciting news on the horizon for the top-rated AMC show. Suffice it to say that even though Season 6 ended on a cliffhanger, there will be so much secrecy clouded around the production that there could be some legal action taken if something gets leaked.

On Season 7 of The Walking Dead, the storyline has been kept a closely guarded secret, which most have come to expect. But there are always those devoted fans who like to analyze and dissect what has already been shown. Then there is the issue that producers of The Walking Dead face every time there is something big on the horizon.

Just last season, there was leaked audio, video, and photos of the production set before the episodes aired on The Walking Dead. Those photos included Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) after his eye was shot and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) kneeling before Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). There was also the audio of the final shot of Season 6, which seemed to sound like Maggie was screaming for Glenn, insinuating that Glenn had been killed by Negan.

Executive producer for the show Greg Nicotero took to Instagram to officially kick off the Season 7 production announcement. As reported by Comic Book, Nicotero is also a special effects maestro who has been involved with many of Hollywood’s biggest successes.

There is also the sad news to report that one of The Walking Dead core characters will be filming his/her last few days on the set of the show and the start of production is also a daunting goodbye to that actor.

As for the casting news, The Walking Dead producers and staff have taken to the casting of Season 7 with some precautions, but they are also opening up to their fans who want to be part of the process. That means that fans of TWD will get an opportunity to not just be part of the universe, but will also get paid to do the job, according to Fox News.

That does not exactly mean that you will be on The Walking Dead AMC show, but rather be cast in a permanent attraction coming to Universal Studios at its Hollywood location.

There has been a casting call listed that asks for actors to audition for a role in their Walking Dead attraction that will be ongoing, not a single limited event like other attractions that have popped up around the show.

This casting call to be in a Walking Dead-themed attraction will actually be quite a fun experience for fans. It is not the typical casting call where someone comes in and auditions in front of producers in a closed area. This is quite more immersive and will give producers for the themed attraction a chance to really see who fits the bill.

That includes getting decked out in professional make up gear, much like they use in The Walking Dead show, and moving about the park as a semi-trained professional to see if you have what it takes to really sell the part of being a zombie, or a “Walker.”

You will also get the opportunity to use prosthetics in your casting call, and there will be specific parameters to what you can and cannot do during the casting call. But all in all, this a chance for fans of The Walking Dead to really be a part of the culture that it has spawned over the past several years. The zombie craze has never been this high, and the country has really taken to it.

There has been no word yet when the Universal Walking Dead attraction will open to the public. But The Walking Dead Season 7 on AMC will be opening this October.

[Image via AMC]