Pregnant Megan Fox Names Three Men Who Are Not The Father, But Who Is?

Megan Fox, the actress best known for her roles in the Transformers movies and the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, is pregnant and seems happy for the world to know. Fox made a recent appearance at CinemaCon, held in Las Vegas. According to USA Today, Megan Fox was showing off her baby bump at the event.

She arrived at the event with her co-star Will Arnett talking about her latest movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadows. Fox attended the event sporting a classy Versace dress, proving once again that she can be stylish and glamorous under any circumstances. Underneath the dress, her baby bump was on full display.

Megan Fox spoke on how it feels like to be expecting a child while filming a movie.

“I’m always in the process of having a baby and looking like I didn’t have a baby. I was training. There was no access to healthy food on the set so I ended up losing weight because I was hungry all the time.”

An Instagram post uploaded by Fox herself poked fun at her pregnancy. According to Pop Sugar, Megan Fox posted a picture of three of her former co-stars in various appearances with the caption “#notthefather.”


A photo posted by Megan Fox (@the_native_tiger) on

The three men in the photos? Will Arnett, who stars with her in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Shia LaBeouf from Transformers, and Jake Johnson from New Girl.

Will Arnett spoke on Megan Fox’s pregnancy post.

“There are like 50 jokes that come to mind, but we live in a social media era and I’m not going to say them, you know what I mean? My publicist just shook his head at me. He knows me really well. There’s so many things I would say if [cameras] weren’t rolling.”

The common denominator between the three men in the post is that they all played Megan Fox’s onscreen love interest at some point. But reports are going around that the father is indeed her estranged husband, Brian Austin Green.

The couple was spotted grabbing lunch in Santa Monica last month, coincidentally the day before she revealed to the world that she was indeed expecting a child.

According to Daily Mail, despite the two sharing a meal together and possibly expecting a baby, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are still planning to go ahead with their divorce. Allegedly, the pregnancy was not planned and despite being with child, the couple will still push for the divorce.

The couple already has two children from their marriage, Noah and Bodhi. The divorce would bring about huge financial consequences for both Fox and Green, as Fox has contributed a significant proportion of the family’s income. And when taking into consideration that all the money she has earned since the separation is potentially hers and in addition to her earnings, all the money she will be bringing in from the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie will be all hers as well, Megan Fox is no doubt financially stable.

Divorce or not, Megan Fox prides herself on being an excellent mother to her two older children. According to E! Online, Fox might not let her son watch her latest movie because he is too young.

“Noah is too young and I try to keep them from television and movies for the most part. I think any sort of screen — whether it’s television, iPad or iPhone — is really bad for their brain development so I try to remove that from their lives and I also want to deter them from ever being on social media because I think it’s detrimental to a child’s self-esteem. I have lots of opinions on this.”

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