'General Hospital' Spoilers For Monday, July 30: Jason Rescues Carly, People Get Frantic Over Michael & Nelle

General Hospital spoilers for Monday's show suggest that there are major developments ahead. Jason was able to get to Carly before Dr. Lazarus' controversial treatment began, but can he get her out without getting caught? Michael managed to get a massive confession from Nelle, but it looks like an accident may turn everything upside down. What else is coming with the July 30 show?

The latest sneak peek via Twitter shows that Franco will head to his car, but he won't leave Ferncliff right away. He'll try to decide whether to stay and wait for Jason or leave, and chances are, he's about to get a big surprise.

General Hospital spoilers from ABC reveal that Jason will tie up Dr. Lazarus and the nurse after bursting into the treatment room, and he'll start to walk out with Carly. However, the doctor will taunt him that there's no way they'll get out without getting caught, and it'll be all the more difficult because Carly is so heavily medicated.

Elizabeth will be growing increasingly concerned over Franco's whereabouts, telling Kim that it's typically not a good thing when he goes radio silent. The sneak peek shows Brad at home with the new baby, cooing over him, which is great news for those GH fans who worried that Brad and the baby might be the ones in the car Michael and Nelle encounter.

As for Michael and Nelle, as viewers saw on Friday, they started arguing after he drove past General Hospital and she started to freak out about the supposedly about-to-fail brakes. She admitted that she did kill her former fiance Zack, and she lashed out over thinking Michael was planning to divorce her and take the baby. Just as he pressured her to admit she hadn't been pushed by Carly and had been gaslighting his mom, they seemed on the brink of a car accident.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday's show indicate that Sonny will pressure Chase to figure out the last position of Michael's car after the camera in the car goes dark, and soon Jordan will confront Chase and demand answers. SheKnows Soaps reveals that Sonny will be feeling helpless and Jordan will scramble to assess what needs to be done.

Will Michael, Nelle, and the babyface serious harm in the accident? General Hospital spoilers suggest that there will be an accident, but as the week continues, Michael will be feeling disappointed in some sense. In addition, next week, Nelle will somehow be in a position to taunt some other people, reveals TV Source Magazine.

Some fans are speculating that this may point toward everything Nelle admitted to during her argument with Michael being lost in the crash or something like that, and viewers are anxious to find out who was driving the other car to see if that plays a role in what comes next. General Hospital spoilers tease that there are more twists and turns on the way with this storyline, and a fair number of viewers are still convinced that something about Nelle's pregnancy will become relevant to Brad and Lucas' quest to adopt.

There's plenty of action on the way with the episode airing on Monday, July 30, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that it's going to be a wild week.