Hillary Clinton Email Probe Is Part Of A Criminal Investigation, Admits Justice Department — Revelation Contradicts Clinton’s Stated ‘Security Review’ Position

This metaphor used by Bill Clinton, Napolitano said, is consistent with one of Hillary’s defenses that the documents she shared on her private server were classified after she had shared them. She has pleaded innocent to not knowing the classification status of the documents at the time she dealt with them, which, according to Napolitano, is a direct breach of the oath she took on the first day in office, which required her, as the Head of the State Department, to know whether or not a document is classified before she sent them.

Moreover, Napolitano said, Bill Clinton mocking the FBI investigations was done in bad taste, which is being conducted by two different groups consisting of “dozens and dozens” of FBI agents. He predicted that the investigation on public corruption, which includes the question of whether or not Hillary Clinton “used her power as Secretary of State to confer American governmental benefits on foreigners and foreign countries which contributed materially to the Clinton Foundation,” will not be nearing to an end soon and could drag on until after the nomination.

However, he said that he expects the investigations on Hillary Clinton’s emails to end soon because she is close to being summoned by the FBI. Her aides have already been called in, and it is only a matter of time before Hillary is called in.

In both investigations, she stands to be indicted. If that was to happen, it could put both her and the Democratic Party in a very precarious position.

Do you think Hillary Clinton will be indicted?

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]