Prince Family Feud: Alfred Jackson Accuses Siblings Of Trying To Have Him Declared Incompetent To Steal His Vote In The Fight For Prince’s $300 Million Fortune

The family feud over Prince’s $300 million fortune is getting uglier by the day. As the singer’s siblings begin to argue over who gets what after the shocking death of Prince, one of his half-brothers is now saying that one of his siblings is playing dirty as they all fight for a piece of the pie. Alfred Jackson claims that someone is trying to have him declared mentally incompetent so they can have two votes during the process of splitting up Prince’s estate.

According to TMZ, a missing persons report and a welfare check was filed for Alfred Jackson on Friday even though he was in meetings just a day before with the rest of the siblings to discuss how they were going to split up their brother’s fortune. According to the report, Jackson is disabled and has been living in a VA facility outside of Minneapolis but had gone missing and no one knew where he was.

Keep in mind that Alfred Jackson made waves just days ago when he was the first sibling to hire an attorney following Tyka Nelson’s request to become the administrator of Prince’s $300 million estate. The Inquisitr reported on Alfred Jackson’s involvement in the disbursement of his half-brother’s fortune, proving that he was never really missing.

According to the TMZ report, Alfred Jackson thinks someone from his own family is out to get him. Jackson believes that one of the siblings filed that missing persons report in an attempt to have him ruled mentally incompetent. As the family fights over Prince’s money, if one of them can gain control of his decision-making, that sibling will effectively get two votes when trying to decide how to divvy up the huge amount of money, property, and intellectual property that Prince left behind after his shocking Paisley Park death.

Jackson is making sure that no one fighting for a piece of Prince’s money will get his vote or his portion of the estate. He’s already headed down to the Minneapolis police department with his lawyer, Frank Wheaton, to prove his competence. Jackson showed proof that he has his medication with him and that he is totally competent to deal with his siblings as the family feud grows in the aftermath of Prince’s untimely death.

There have already been reports that Tyka Nelson feels like she deserves the lion’s share of the estate since she is the only full sibling of Prince. Is she possibly behind the sneaky missing persons call on Alfred, or is it someone else in the family who wants to get a bigger portion of the inheritance? Whoever did make the phone call did so anonymously, causing even more animosity and accusations between Prince’s family as they try to sort out the money mess that he left behind.

The case is now closed, and it looks like the attempt to have Alfred declared mentally incompetent certainly did not work.

In the meantime, Alfred Jackson and his siblings have already met for one very short meeting, where, at the request of Tyka Nelson, Carver County District Judge Kevin Eide appointed Bremer Trust to handle the inheritance issues that have developed after the very untimely death of Prince.

Prince’s will has still not been found, and his siblings are questioning whether he ever even had one. While initial reports claim that his fortune is worth somewhere around $300 million, as the Prince family feud rages on, it’s starting to look like he might be worth around $500 million. Prince was divorced and had no children, so his full and half-siblings will benefit from Prince’s death if no will can be found.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]